June 2019
Mental Well-Being Matters: MWBI Progress Report
How is the MWBI relevant to our work?

Capturing the voice of your population of focus and your community through Making Connections serves a critical purpose. One way the evaluation is assisting in this effort is by assessing the community impact of your local Making Connections project over time using the Mental Well-Being Inventory (MWBI).

Questions on the MWBI represent your community’s perspective regarding what they think is important to improve mental health and wellbeing. Data from the MWBI helps (Us, PI, Movember and you) understand, for the people and communities you are serving, the areas of wellbeing that are being most impacted by your specific program/activities.
  • Where are we seeing the most success
  • What areas are the most challenging
  • Helps inform current and future activities

To learn more about the development and evolution of the MWBI and how it can benefit your work and the community, check out the archived recording of our recent
TA Calls/Office Hours at https://www.mcievaluation.com/trainings.html. The overview and discussion about the MWBI starts at minute 32:40 .
Current Findings & Trends

Some notable findings and trends include:

  • Of the three surveys types (Adult Population of Focus, Youth Population of Focus, and Community), overall the Adult Population of Focus had the highest percentages of positive responses and the lowest percentages of “not sure” and negative responses.  
  • Across all three survey types, the item “The/my neighborhood is viewed positively/People around me view my neighborhood in a good way,” had more negative responses.
  • Respondents completing both the Adult and Youth Population of Focus versions of the MWBI tended to respond positively to most items, as well as shared similar disagreements. 
  • Community members were more likely to have more negative responses than the population of focus.
  • There were racial differences across the different surveys in how some questions were answered.
Grantee Local Evaluation Report
Remember, reports are due June 30, 2019!

Remember this year's reports will include the local evaluation report template. Refer to the webinar above or you can contact your PI or USF Site Liaisons with any questions.
Important Reminders

  • Regularly check your site's web page to ensure you are using the correct versions of the paper MWBI. 

  • Remember to clear your cache/cookies when accessing the online version.

  • Need MWBI data for your June reports? A summary of your data and findings thus far will be sent to you in the coming week. Keep in mind that you can request your MWBI data at any time! Simply contact your MC USF Site Liaison with the request.

  • For more information about MWBI data collection procedures, visit our frequently asked questions page at https://www.mcievaluation.com/mental-well-being-inventory-mwbi.html. We encourage you to also visit your page and take a look at how you are doing with your survey completions, get helpful instructions on how to complete the survey, access the surveys using different platforms and, upload your hard-copies.
Social Network Analysis/Coalition Effectiveness Inventory
The SNA/CEI online survey is being sent out!

Contact your MC USF Site Liaison if you have any questions about the SNA/CEI. You can also view your site's past SNA and CEI Reports at https://www.mcievaluation.com/grantee-resources.html

 The Making Connections Evaluation emphasizes   theory-driven evaluation , which promotes development of shared vision, clear linking of strategies to intended outcomes, and a commitment to using data to inform decision making at all stages and levels of implementation.
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