Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Monday, August 21, 2023
Evans Community Member,

Let’s embark on a new academic year filled with promise and anticipation. Each grade level demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and determination during the first week of school.

Grade level meetings were held to ensure that all students are aware of the expectations set for the entire student body at Evans High School. Our primary goal is to foster a strong sense of belonging. By working together, we aim to create a supportive environment where every student can thrive.

Attendance plays a crucial role in students' success. As we gear up for upcoming tests and assessments, I want to highlight the importance of regular attendance and arriving on time. Attending school consistently sets the foundation for academic achievements and fosters a positive learning environment. Let's work together to ensure maximum attendance and make this year a resounding success!

In closing, I encourage everyone to start this year by setting goals and embracing a positive mindset. We urge students to explore and get involved in activities that align with their interests. Together, let's take PRIDE in defending our Trojan culture, be DETERMINED to finish what we start, and PERSEVERE through any challenges that come our way. Remember, every adversity we face only makes us stronger!

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to an incredible year filled with growth, accomplishments, and memorable experiences.

In Trojan Pride,

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Dates to Watch For
August 28: PERT exam
August 26: SAT Exam on Saturday (students must sign up with CollegeBoard)
August 29: Fast PM1 (9th & 10th grade)
August 31: Club Rush
Test taking Tips:
● Get a good night's sleep
● Eat a high protein breakfast 
● Drink plenty of water
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Club Rush
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Let's talk Pride, Determination, and Perseverance
Embracing Success: Grade-Level Meetings at Evans High School
As the new school year begins, Evans High School is committed to guiding every student on the path to success. To facilitate a smooth transition and promote a positive learning environment, grade-level meetings were conducted to discuss class-specific expectations.

Freshmen were advised to let go of their middle school mentality and embrace the opportunities and challenges that high school presents. They were urged to take their education seriously, with the reminder that now is the time to establish a solid foundation for their future endeavors. 

Now in their second year of high school, sophomores were encouraged to approach their studies with renewed vigor, recognizing that this year is a crucial stepping stone on the path to their long-term objectives. As sophomores dug deeper into their selected subjects, they were reminded of the importance of discipline, time management, and maintaining focus.

Juniors were encouraged to make this academic year their finest and reminded of the importance of perseverance and commitment as they prepare for college applications, standardized testing, and leadership roles by highlighting the challenges that lie ahead. The grade-level meeting emphasized their ability to overcome obstacles and flourish despite potential pressures, thereby molding them into resilient individuals.

The seniors were then informed of the importance of graduating on time and fulfilling all graduation requirements. With plans for post-secondary education on the horizon, the grade level meeting emphasized the significance of maintaining focus and organization, as well as utilizing available resources to help them succeed. Seniors were reminded that their diligence throughout high school would pay off with a diploma that would open avenues to a prosperous future.

Evans High School is confident that these grade level meetings will enable students to realize their utmost potential. The school strives to create an inclusive and motivating environment for all students by tailoring expectations to each class and addressing their unique needs.

It is essential for students to remember, as we begin this academic year, that their success is determined not only by grades and accomplishments, but also by personal growth and character development. Evans High School encourages students to accept challenges, pursue their goals, and actively engage in activities that align with their interests.
A Generous Gesture: Representative LaVon Bracy Davis Donates Backpacks to Evans High School Students
On Thursday, August 17th, Representative LaVon Bracy Davis of Florida donated 20 backpacks filled with various useful items, including tablets generously provided by Tyre Sampson's father, to the students of Evans High School in a heartwarming display of support. Tyre Sampson was the young man who tragically died while riding the free fall attraction at Icon Park last year.
The students at Evans High School were taken aback by this unexpected act of generosity when they received the backpacks. The valuable items contained in the backpacks and the sincere breakfast provided to each student touched their hearts profoundly. These actions served as a reminder that Representative LaVon Bracy Davis is ready and willing to assist them in their educational endeavors.
During the event, students enthusiastically seized the opportunity to interact with Representative Davis, expressing interest in her path to public office. They asked perceptive questions about her motivations, obstacles encountered, and lessons learned along the path. Representative Davis shared her experiences with the students, encouraging them to aim high and pursue their ambitions without fear.

The donation of backpacks and the promotion of positive interactions between students and community leaders exemplify the dedication of Evans High School and the greater community to nurture an inclusive and supportive environment. This unified front sends a strong message to students that their success is a shared responsibility and valued.
A message from our SGA Sponsors
As we gear up for the 23-24 school year at Evans, We wanted to share our exciting goals and plans with you. Our main focus is to enhance school spirit and foster a strong sense of belonging among our students, family, and faculty.
Evans, the pride of Pine Hills, is ready to March on with pride! We have an array of activities lined up for this school year that will surely ignite our Trojan spirit. One of our highlights will be the introduction of spirit squads, who will passionately support our athletes both at home and away games. It's going to be an incredible experience!
Additionally, we have planned multiple spirit days where students can showcase their unwavering Trojan pride. These days will be filled with fun and enthusiasm, providing an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate our school community.
In line with our commitment to inclusion and collaboration, the Student Government Association (SGA) has set a goal to partner with several clubs and organizations throughout the school year. By working together, we can create a stronger and more vibrant Evans community.
And that's not all! Get ready to be amazed as we unveil a brand new chant/cheer for this year. It's going to be the talk of the town and will further ignite our Trojan spirit.
I wanted to share these exciting plans with you to keep you informed and engaged. We truly believe that by fostering school spirit and a sense of belonging, we can create an environment where everyone thrives.
Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to an incredible school year ahead. Let's show up and show out, together!
Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
The Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) is a program that offers students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about the military and gain valuable life experience. Here are some of the positive aspects of joining the NJROTC:
1. Leadership Development - The NJROTC program focuses on developing leadership skills in students. It teaches them how to lead, motivate, and inspire others, which can be beneficial in any career.

2. Physical Fitness - The NJROTC program emphasizes physical fitness and encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in a variety of physical activities such as running which can help improve their overall health.

3. Scholarship Opportunities - Many NJROTC programs offer scholarship opportunities to students who excel academically, physically and demonstrate outstanding leadership skills. These scholarships can help students pay for college and further their education.

4. Career Preparation - The NJROTC program provides students with an insight into military life and culture, which can be helpful if they're considering a career in the military. Additionally, students learn valuable skills that are transferable to other careers such as teamwork, discipline, and organization.

5. Community Service - The NJROTC program emphasizes community service and encourages students to give back to their community. Students participate in various service projects such as cleaning up local parks, visiting senior centers, and volunteering at local events.
Overall, joining the NJROTC program can be a great way for students to develop leadership skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle, earn scholarship opportunities, prepare for a career and contribute to their community. It's an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in a military career or just want to develop valuable life skills.
Trojan Athletics
Sporting events taking place in the next 2 weeks:
August 22 6PM: Girls Volleyball (GVB) vs. Lake Buena Vista (AWAY)
August 24 6PM: Girls Volleyball (GVB) vs.Boone (AWAY)
August 25 7PM: Football vs. Lyman HS (AWAY) 
August 26 7:30 PM: Cross Country vs. Trinity Prep Invite
August 29 5:30 PM: Girls Volleyball (GVB) vs.Crooms Academy (HOME)
August 30 6PM: JV Football vs. Edgewater (AWAY) 
September 1 7PM: Football vs .Boone (HOME) 
September 2 7:30 PM: Cross Country vs. Winter Springs HS
Varsity Football:
Congratulations to our varsity football team on their 53-0 pre-season victory Friday evening vs. University's Cougars! They next play away this coming Friday vs. Lyman High School
Interested in Sports?
Athletic Clearance:
Senior Information: Class of 2024
Student Services
Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program (SAFE)
Are you in need of resources or extra support? Check out the OCPS Community Connect link today: 
SAC/PTSA Meeting
Come out on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:00pm!!
According to a study conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the academic performance of students whose parents attend PTSA meetings has improved significantly. Compared to pupils whose parents did not attend PTSA meetings, this group's average GPA increased by 0.5 points, according to the study. In addition, they had a higher rate of attendance and were more likely to graduate on schedule. These statistics emphasize the impact of parental participation in PTSA meetings on student achievement and educational success as a whole.
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assists with:
Superintendent's Weekly Message
This week Superintendent Vazquez talks with Jamie Holmes about about the new student cell phone policy and how it came about.

Florida flag
Pride. Determination. Perseverance.
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Sunday, August 20, 2023
Evans High School Leadership Team
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