Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Monday, June 12, 2023
Evans Community Member,

As we head into summer break, I want to take a moment to congratulate our seniors who graduated on May 30th. The ceremony was a wonderful celebration of their hard work and dedication, and we are so proud of all they have accomplished. In total, over 4.9 million dollars in scholarships were awarded to our seniors this year, and many will continue their education at colleges and vocational schools across the country.

As we enjoy our summer break, I want to remind our underclassmen to use this time wisely. Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year, whether it's by attending summer school, participating in summer programs, or simply setting goals for yourself. Don't forget to stay connected with us through our website and social media channels, where we will continue to share news and updates about Evans High School.

Finally, I want to let you know that there will be two editions of the Trojan Express released over the summer, and we will return to our twice-monthly schedule in August. We hope you enjoy your summer break, and we look forward to seeing you in August.

In Trojan Pride,

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Dates to Watch For
June 5- June 15 Band Camp- Beginning Band
June 5- June 15 NJROTC Leadership Camp
June 5- June 29 MAO Calculus Project
June 5- June 29 ACT Prep Camp
June 5- June 29 Summer School
June 5- June 29 OTC Dual Enrollment (Off-Campus)
June 19- June 29 Band Camp- Advanced Band

Summer Testing
Evans High School Class of 2023 Commencement
On May 30th at 7:30pm, the Evans High School Class of 2023 gathered together to celebrate their graduation ceremony. The evening kicked off with a procession by the band, setting the tone for the festive occasion. The NJROTC Color Guard then presented their colors, a symbol of patriotism and respect for our nation.

Representatives from the senior class, including the secretary, vice president, and president, participated in the event with pride and enthusiasm. The senior choral ensemble performed spectacularly throughout the night, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.
Ms. Kenya Nelson-Warren, a Trojan alumni, showed her school spirit and pride as she welcomed everyone to the graduation ceremony. Her words were heartfelt and inspiring, reminding the graduates that they too could achieve great things and make a difference in the world.
During her remarks, Principal Nelson-Warren recapped a few of the Class of 2023's accomplishments in the areas of the arts, athletics, and academia:

  • Winter Park Arts Festival - Multiple awards
  • Chorus program - Excellent and Superior ratings at the 2022-2023 State Music Performance Assessments (MPA) along with a stellar performance at the Disney Candlelight Procession
  • Theatre program - Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center Applause Award
  • Orchestra program - Superior and Excellent ratings at the State Music Performance Assessments (MPA)
  • Green Machine Marching Band - 41 Superior MPA ratings, 36 Excellent MPA ratings, and qualified for state competition
  • SGA - Instrumental in support of Trojan Pride events both on and off campus

  • Girls Track & Field and Weightlifting - Both teams won District Championships
  • Girls Track & Field was a top 10 finisher at the state level (of 59 teams in the Class A division)
  • Boys Basketball - Regional Finals spot for state series

  • 3 Super Scholars
  • 1 QuestBridge Scholarship
  • 1 Gates Scholarship
  • 3 ESE students enrolled in the OCPS post high school jobs training program
  • 1 Associate's degree earned while still in high school
  • $4.9 million in total scholarship awards
  • 9 Seniors enlisted in branches of the U.S. Armed Forces

I see greatness. I see change agents whose gifts and hard work will make a tremendous impact on our future.
~ Principal Nelson-Warren on the 525 members of Evans High School's Class of 2023
As each student walked across the stage to receive their diploma, there was an air of excitement and joy in the room. The sense of accomplishment was palpable as these seniors graduated from high school and prepared to embark on the next chapter of their lives.
The night ended on a high note, with students feeling proud, determined, and grateful for their perseverance in reaching this milestone. They left the ceremony with memories that they would cherish for a lifetime, and a sense of optimism for the future. Congratulations to the Evans High School Class of 2023, and best wishes for all your endeavors ahead!
Evans IB Program
IB is the single best way to prepare for college! Summer applications for the IB Magnet at Evans High School are now open, please visit our website at to learn more!
EHS Magnet Program:
Entertainment Production & Management
Summer ECG Days
School are required to complete a sports physical and an ECG.

The FHSAA sports physical forms and OCPS cardiology forms can be found at Testing will be held at Evans High School gymnasium on the following dates and times:

  • June 13, 2023 - 4pm to 6pm
  • July 19, 2023 - 4pm to 6pm
  • August 15, 2023 - 4pm to 6pm

Please utilize the QR Code on the flier below to register.

Questions? Email
Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
The Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) is a program that offers students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about the military and gain valuable life experience. Here are some of the positive aspects of joining the NJROTC:
1. Leadership Development - The NJROTC program focuses on developing leadership skills in students. It teaches them how to lead, motivate, and inspire others, which can be beneficial in any career.

2. Physical Fitness - The NJROTC program emphasizes physical fitness and encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in a variety of physical activities such as running which can help improve their overall health.

3. Scholarship Opportunities - Many NJROTC programs offer scholarship opportunities to students who excel academically, physically and demonstrate outstanding leadership skills. These scholarships can help students pay for college and further their education.

4. Career Preparation - The NJROTC program provides students with an insight into military life and culture, which can be helpful if they're considering a career in the military. Additionally, students learn valuable skills that are transferable to other careers such as teamwork, discipline, and organization.

5. Community Service - The NJROTC program emphasizes community service and encourages students to give back to their community. Students participate in various service projects such as cleaning up local parks, visiting senior centers, and volunteering at local events.
Overall, joining the NJROTC program can be a great way for students to develop leadership skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle, earn scholarship opportunities, prepare for a career and contribute to their community. It's an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in a military career or just want to develop valuable life skills.
Beautification of Evans High School
As the summer break progresses, we wanted to take a moment to recognize and highlight the hard work of our custodial staff. They have been tirelessly working to clean up our buildings and get them ready for the upcoming school year.
Our custodial staff has been deep cleaning throughout the entire campus, pressure washing sidewalks, walls, and outdoor areas. They have also been waxing floors and cleaning carpets in classrooms, hallways, and other common areas. These efforts will ensure that our students and staff return to a clean and safe learning environment.
We want to express our sincere gratitude to our custodial staff for their dedication and commitment to ensuring that our school remains a welcoming and positive place to learn and work. Your hard work and attention to detail are greatly appreciated.
Thank you again to our custodial staff for your outstanding efforts, and we look forward to welcoming all of our students and staff back to a clean and healthy school environment in the fall.
Performing Arts
Green Machine Band Camp
The Evans Green Machine Band is gearing up for the upcoming school year with intensive summer training. Band camp is currently in session, with beginners receiving instruction on how to play from June 5th to June 15th. Advanced band camp will commence from June 19th to June 29th, aimed at expanding the skills of current band students.

Band members are working tirelessly to hone their craft and perfect their performance. The summer program provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and grow, with specialized instruction on everything from music theory and composition to technique and performance.

The Evans Green Machine Band is no stranger to excellence, having won numerous awards and accolades in the past. Their dedication and hard work during the summer months undoubtedly lay the groundwork for their future success.

Throughout the year, the Green Machine Band will be seen marching through the streets, bringing joy and entertainment to the community. They are a testament to the power of passion, practice, and perseverance, proving that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

As the school year draws closer, the Evans Green Machine Band is prepared to take on new challenges and showcase their talents. Band members know that the summer training they receive will be invaluable to their success, both on and off stage. They are excited to share their passion for music with their audience and leave a lasting impact in the community.
Career Exploration Summit
The Hub Career Exploration Summit 2023 was a tremendous success, as it provided students with an incredible opportunity to explore different career options within Central Florida. Hosted by the Community School Hub, the summit took students to various institutions specializing in technology, sports, hospitality, transportation, public safety, healthcare, and many other fields. The students were mesmerized by the different jobs available in Central Florida and were thrilled to be given this chance to see the possibilities of various careers.
During the week of June 5th, students had the chance to meet with industry professionals, observe their work environments, and learn about what makes each career unique. The experience left many students feeling inspired and excited about their futures.
The Hub Career Exploration Summit 2023 was a wonderful example of how schools can empower students by giving them hands-on experiences that help guide them towards fulfilling careers.
The organizers of the summit expressed their delight in seeing students become so engaged and enthusiastic about the various career paths they explored. They hope to continue providing these kinds of opportunities to students in the future, as they believe it helps them make informed decisions about their future careers. The Hub Career Exploration Summit 2023 was a resounding success, and it will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory for all those who participated.
Trojan Market
Trojan Market- Our Trojan Market is now available to parents as well as students. After placing an order, a text or email will be sent indicating the order is ready for pick-up with instructions. Once an email has been sent out, the individual will have 48 hours until the order is re-shelved.

Please Note: Parents who order are required to pick up the food.  

Trojan Athletics
Are you interested in participating in sports at Evans High School? Please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Greg Thompson at or our Assistant Athletic Director, Ms. Barbara Verity at for information regarding tryouts and summer conditioning.
Student Services
The Student Services Department hopes you are having a fun and restful summer break. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus on August 10, 2023. School counselors will be working on your 2023-24 schedule throughout the summer, with final schedules available on Skyward in early August. Please read below for graduation credit requirements and tips on preparing for a successful 2023-24 school year.
Are you needing a transcript?
Go to and click on Student Services. Under the Student Services drop-down menu, choose Current Year Senior Transcripts.
Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program (SAFE)
Are you in need of resources or extra support? Check out the OCPS Community Connect link today:
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assist with:
Summer Reminders
Summer Meals:
FREE MEALS! Starting Monday, June 5, Summer BreakSpot is providing kids and teens 18 & under meals at NO CHARGE.

To find a location, Dial 2-1-1, text “Food” or "Comida" to 304-304, or visit: for more information. #ocps
Summer Reading Challenge:
What time is it? Summer Reading time! Orange County Public Schools launched its Summer Reading Celebration with Beanstack and Orange County Library System (FL).

Students have the opportunity to read and log their minutes in Beanstack for a chance to win prizes! To find more information on this challenge, visit #OCPSreads
Florida flag
I hope this June edition finds your summer off to a great start!
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Sunday, June 11, 2023
Evans High School Leadership Team
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