Evans High School, where PRIDE, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE elevate us beyond demographics and deem us the best-kept secret in Pine Hills. A place of high achievement that breaks expectations and unleashes potential.
Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Monday, November 13, 2023
Evans Community Member,

As the middle of the second nine weeks draws to a close, our committed teachers will start entering progress report grades. Students, throughout this grading period, your dedication, hard work, and improvement will be reflected in these grades. We really hope that these progress reports will offer insightful information about your accomplishments and potential growth areas.

Set your calendars, parents! On November 30th, you will have access to see progress report grades on Skyward. This will be a wonderful time to acknowledge your child's achievements and talk to them about any worries you may have. To guarantee the success of each and every student, we promote communication between parents and educators. 

Our SAC and PTSA meeting is Tuesday, November 14 at 6 PM in the media center. Parents can connect with our school community and learn about vital education issues. Research has indicated that students whose parents attend school meetings like SAC/PTSA meetings perform better academically. Parents learn about their child's growth, school events, and initiatives by attending these meetings. We urge parents to attend this meeting and participate in our school community.

Keep in mind that we will be on Thanksgiving break from November 20th to November 24th. It's a time to unwind, refresh, and spend time with those you care about. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, let us give thanks for everything that has been given to us. Occasionally, we may encounter obstacles; however, it is by overcoming these challenges that we evolve into individuals destined for greatness. Let's maintain this sense of appreciation and fortitude as we proceed to develop and prosper collectively.

Lastly, I would like to invite everyone to enjoy reading the Trojan Express. It is a collection of stories, achievements, and updates from Evans High School. Each edition showcases the incredible talent and dedication that makes our school truly special. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the vibrant stories and experiences shared throughout the newsletter.
I wish you all a joyous and fulfilling Thanksgiving. May this holiday season be a time of reflection, gratitude, and immense happiness. Thank you for being valued members of our Evans High School Family.

In Trojan Pride,

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Dates to Watch For
Nov. 13: Manicure Monday 2:25pm
Nov. 14: SAC meeting, 6:00pm (School Advisory Council - Community invited)
Nov. 16: Valencia College - HBCU Scholarship Night
Nov. 20-24: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30: Quarter 2 Student Progress Reports available on Skyward
Thank you Trojans for your Service!
Evans Veterans from the left: Shannon McMillan- NJROTC Instructor; Joyce Laster-Reedom- NJROTC Instructor; Thackery J. Dancy, Sr.- NJROTC Instructor, Bonnie Norman- Staffing Specialist, James Williams- Program Assistant; Mary Hamilton- Registered Nurse
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the veterans at Evans High School. Your dedicated service and sacrifice to our country have not gone unnoticed. We are truly grateful for everything you have done to protect our freedoms and uphold the values we hold dear. Your commitment is an inspiration to us all, and we want you to know that your contributions are deeply valued and appreciated. Thank you for your service to our school community and our nation.

Florida's Veterans by period:
Chart notes:
Florida has the third largest veteran population in the nation (1,450,597 as of 2021, latest available count). 
Florida's Veterans make up only about 7% of the state's population.
Veterans serving in more than one period are counted only once in the total.
Source: Florida Department of Veterans Affairs - 2022 Annual Report Read full report
November Testing Calendar:
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Extended Tutoring
After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Congratulations November Trojans of the Month!
Evans High School recently honored its November Trojans of the Month. This special initiative shows appreciation for the outstanding attributes and accomplishments of students, teachers, and support staff. The goal of this monthly event is to honor the outstanding individuals in the school, bring everyone together, and make Evans High School Trojans feel proud of their school and environment.
This month, eight students were chosen as the November Students of the Month. Two students from each grade level were chosen. These students were chosen because they did very well in school, were good leaders, participated in extracurricular activities, and lived up to the school's core values. Being named a Trojan of the Month shows how dedicated, hardworking, and helpful they are to the school.

The Trojans of the Month program not only recognizes and awards excellent students, but also the hard work of the school's teachers and support staff. Not one, but two teachers and a support staff member were honored for their outstanding dedication to education, their desire to see students succeed, and their unfailing support for the whole school community. The Trojans of the Month are very important because they shape the learning environment and make sure that all students have the tools and help they need to do well.
Mrs. Cuadros is an amazing educator. We truly admire that she shares and promotes the Hispanic Heritage with our students and staff. Mrs. Cuadros each year does an incredible job with "El Compartir." It's always a fun time! 
Ms. Woods handles her role as a new instructional coach with knowledge and pride. She has a wealth of resources to share and she does it with a calm and quiet strength.
Ms. West takes on a lot. She's a mother to us all. She works extremely hard and late nights too. We admire her dedication to Evans. She is the true definition of a Trojan!

Trojans excelled at OCPS School Board meeting
Evans High School was well-represented by our Trojans at the OCPS school board meeting on October 24, which was a noteworthy occasion. The meeting demonstrated the beneficial effects of Evans High School on the community, from exhibiting our 3 pillars of success to introducing programs meant to increase students' sense of belonging.

As the community and members of the OCPS school board walked into the meeting, they were warmly greeted by the members of the Evans High School NJROTC, setting the tone for the meeting. Their discipline and structured sword welcoming created an environment that made our school board feel valued and inclusive.

The Evans superintendent’s student committee's took the platform to discuss how Evans High School is effectively achieving the goal of strengthening students' sense of belonging as outlined in the school improvement plan. They highlighted two major programs that have and will improve the school. 

The committee deliberated on several initiatives, including "Game Day Fridays," a superintendent-recommended program that has proven to be wildly successful at Evans High School. During A and B lunch, students with a variety of interests and backgrounds come together to play games. The committee displayed images that demonstrated the solidarity and friendship that this program has promoted, emphasizing the beneficial effects it has had on students' sense of belonging. 

The second project is to host a Trojan cultural festival at Evans High School in an effort to strengthen the students' sense of community. All the cultures that are represented in the school community will be honored and showcased at this celebration. This event will give students the chance to learn about and appreciate many backgrounds by promoting cultural understanding and inclusivity, strengthening the sense of belonging among all Trojans.

Wilberson Labranche, a superintendent committee member, challenged Karen Castor Dentel, the OCPS school board member who represents the Evans Community, to a game of Uno at Evans High School as the presentation came to a close. This friendly challenge exemplified the spirit of cooperation, solidarity, and resolve that characterizes our Trojans.

The OCPS board meeting on October 24 demonstrated the intellectual and social characteristics of Evans High School's Trojans. Through the implementation of programs like Game Day Fridays and the planning of a Trojan cultural festival, our school is making a concerted effort to improve students' sense of belonging. The OCPS school board was deeply impressed by the Trojans' assured and captivating presentation, which illustrated the beneficial effects Evans High School has on the neighborhood. 
What a Successful 2nd Annual Coffee, Cocoa, and Coffee Event!
The much-anticipated second annual Coffee, Cocoa, and Convo event was held at Evans High School on November 1st from 5:45 pm to 7pm. Teachers and parents gathered for an evening of chat and hot beverages in the school cafeteria, making the event a huge success. Parents who had registered were handed their children's report cards, giving them a chance to talk about their development with the teachers in attendance. To make sure they didn't miss any crucial sessions, parents were given a schedule of the night's activities in addition to report cards.

The opportunity for parents to have one-on-one meetings with teachers was one of the evening's highlights. This gave them the opportunity to talk about any worries or inquiries they might have had about their child's academic progress. The teachers helped parents better understand their child's educational needs by offering insightful advice and direction. They were also readily available and eager to help.

Additionally, the event gave parents the chance to learn how to use the Skyward platform, a useful tool that lets them keep track of their child's grades, attendance, and other pertinent data. Staff members with extensive experience led the training session, making sure parents departed with a sense of confidence in their ability to use the platform effectively.

The presence of counselors at the event who provided information on graduating was another invaluable resource. Parents were able to obtain crucial information about deadlines, graduation requirements, and forthcoming events. As they start getting ready for this important turning point in their education, parents and kids have found this material to be extremely helpful.

All things considered, Evans High School's Coffee, Cocoa, and Convo event was a huge success. Teachers, parents, and students all took part in an engaging and educational evening that featured discussions about our students, delectable hot beverages, and helpful resources. The event made sure that parents had all they needed to support their child's academic path. We are excited to carry on this yearly custom and give parents the chance to get involved in their child's education in such a meaningful and constructive way.
Full Sail University's TechFest introduces Emerging Technologies and Competitive Gaming to Trojans
Evans High School had the privilege of hosting Full Sail University's much awaited Tech Fest on Monday, October 30. Students from a few chosen schools around the state get together for this annual event to explore the fascinating world of competitive gaming and developing technologies. The event was held in the gym of Evans High School, with business and IT classes from the school being among the fortunate ones invited. For the students that attended, being one of the twenty schools selected to host Tech Fest this year was an incredible experience.

Students were able to immerse themselves in a variety of cutting-edge technologies that Full Sail students are currently studying for their technology degree programs thanks to TechFest. Participants were able to gain practical experience in a variety of sectors, such as virtual reality and 3D printing, and learn about the countless opportunities these rapidly developing fields present. TechFest not only showcased cutting-edge technologies but also held competitive gaming tournaments. Super Smash Bros. qualifier rounds were attended by Trojans and students from several Florida high schools, all vying for a position in the championship event. Of the gifted Trojan competitors, twenty-one students were chosen to move on to the state competition, which takes place on November 18. With a $15,000 scholarship up for grabs as the ultimate prize, the stakes are very high. This event offers ambitious gamers an amazing opportunity to follow their ambitions and enhance their studies, with runners-up having the possibility to win a $10,000 or $5,000 scholarship.

Evans High School would like to thank Full Sail University for putting together an event that was so inspirational and educational. This yearly custom strengthens the educational experience for the students and the technology sector.
Enhancing Student Connections: Game Day at Evans High School
On November 3, Evans High School organized another remarkable Game Day, which took place during A and B lunch, providing an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in various games, fostering connections and creating a sense of belonging within the school community. Game Day was a vibrant occasion where students had the chance to engage in friendly competition and socialize with their peers. From classic board games like checkers and connect four to more modern options, the event offered a diverse selection that catered to different preferences. As students gathered around tables, laughter and excitement filled the air, demonstrating their enthusiasm for this immersive experience. 

Nevaeh-Davis Seymour, a senior at Evans High School, expressed her delight at the opportunity Game Day provided. She shared how the event allowed her to interact and connect with other students whom she had never spoken to before. This sentiment was echoed by many students who found Game Day to be an excellent platform for breaking barriers and stepping out of their comfort zones. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Game Day was the active participation of Principal Mrs. Nelson-Warren. Demonstrating her commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive school environment, Mrs. Nelson-Warren not only observed the games but also played alongside the students. This gesture showcased her dedication to the students' overall well-being and further reinforced the importance of the event. 

Game Day proved to be an enormous success, leaving a lasting impact on both students and staff at Evans High School. The event not only facilitated new connections but also contributed to a more cohesive and supportive school community. The positive feedback received from students, along with the evident enthusiasm throughout the day, indicates its potential for becoming an established tradition in the school's calendar. 
Congratulations to Esther Gedeon for Receiving Honorable Mention at the Exhibit A Family Court Art Challenge
The art world has always been a place where people can express themselves and be creative, showing off their own unique points of view. Evans High School is proud of its own Trojan, Esther Gedeon, for getting an Honorable Mention award at the prestigious Exhibit A Family Court Art Challenge. With this award, Esther's amazing talent is shown, along with the power of art to motivate real engagement and personal growth.

Orange County Public Schools and the Family Court have made it possible for students like Esther to look into their creative options. The partnership gives kids a safe place to express themselves and gives them a chance to connect with different kinds of art in meaningful ways. Students are urged to be creative and share their stories through interesting art by taking part in events like the Exhibit A Family Court Art Challenge.

In this creative space, Esther Gedeon began her artistic journey, guided by the theme "Some Day, I will." Esther turned her feelings and hopes into a unique piece of art that captivated viewers with her keen eye for detail and natural ability. Esther's piece was a symbol of hope, determination, and a vision for the future. It had bright colors, detailed details, and images that made you think.

Esther Gedeon not only showed off her artistic skills at the Exhibit A Family Court Art Challenge, but she also grew as a person. Esther was able to think about herself, explore her interests, and get in touch with her deepest thoughts and goals while she was making art. It was a strong way for Esther to learn about herself and express herself, and it helped her improve her artistic skills.
November 3rd Pep Jam Ignites Trojans' Enthusiasm and School Pride
Friday mornings are typically a time for people to drag themselves out of bed, fuel up on caffeine, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. However, at Evans High School, November 3rd was no ordinary Friday morning. The campus came alive with energy, thanks to the Student Government Association (SGA), as students and staff gathered to celebrate our Trojan football team and all the athletes who proudly represent the school. 

The festivities began promptly at 6:50 am when the drumline took center stage. With rhythmic beats and infectious energy, they captivated every ear and set the tone for what would be an unforgettable event. As their music resonated throughout the campus, students couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement going through their veins. Following the drumline's electrifying performance, it was time for the football players to take their positions on the 3rd-floor balcony of the 700 building and the cheerleaders to put on a show. This pep jam not only set the tone for a successful day but also reminded everyone of the power of unity and support within the Trojan community.
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Orange Technical College’s Dual Enrollment Opportunities
During lunch on 11/7/2023, Ms. Stewart, the college and career specialist at Evans High School talked to students about the great career opportunities that are available through Orange Technical College's dual enrollment program. The program allows high school students to get real-world training and useful skills in a wide range of areas while they are still in school.

Orange Technical College is a way for students to get ahead, whether they want to work in information technology, culinary, healthcare, or any other industry. One great thing about Orange Technical College's dual enrollment program is that it lets students get industry certification and high school credits at the same time. This lets them get started on their path to college faster, which will save them time and money in the long run. During the talk, Ms. Stewart told stories of past participants who had done well in their jobs after taking the programs. The stories gave the eager students ideas and drive to try new things and make big plans for their future in the present.
CTE students learn about the World of Manufacturing
Students in PLTW Engineering and Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes went on an exciting trip to a manufacturing show on October 24th. It was a great experience for the students, and it helped them learn more about the different job options that are available in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing show opened the students' eyes to the amazing progress and new ideas happening in many fields. The expo showed a lot of different fields that depend on manufacturing processes, such as electronics, robots, automotive, and aerospace technologies. Each booth had cutting-edge goods, machines, and prototypes that caught the students' attention and sparked their interest.

As the students walked around the expo, they talked to professionals from different companies and learned about possible job paths. Experts in the field talked about the skills needed for different jobs, the different ways to get educated, and how satisfying it is to work in manufacturing. The students gladly took in this useful information, which helped them see the bright future that lies ahead of them if they choose to work in this field. This trip was a big step forward in their educational and professional lives. They learned about new areas, made connections, and gained important insights. 
Apprenticeship Week Event at OTC
Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps 
NJROTC making a lasting impression at the Orange County Veterans Day Event
On November 9, 2023, at the Orange County Administration Center, the NJROTC of Evans High School had the privilege of taking part in the Orange County Veterans Day event. Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings hosted this momentous occasion, which honored our nation's military veterans for their valiant service and battle in defense of our nation.

The NJROTC cadets from Evans High School were an integral part of the celebration. Their duties included leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the ceremony and presenting the colors. Everyone in attendance was impressed by the cadets' impeccable precision and professionalism in carrying out their tasks.
The NJROTC program at Evans High School is still a vital component of our school community, giving its cadets important skills like leadership, cooperation, and a deep feeling of patriotism. Their involvement in occasions such as the Orange County Veterans Day celebration is indicative of the program's commitment to supporting our community and paying tribute to the valiant efforts of our veterans.

The NJROTC cadets from Evans High School gave an amazing performance during the event, for which we are quite proud. Their efforts were vital in making the ceremony significant and unforgettable, fittingly honoring the courage and selflessness of our country's heroes. We are grateful to each and every cadet for their outstanding work and for representing our institution with such distinction and honor.
Performing Arts
Green Machine Marching Band MPA Results
Congratulations to our Green Machine Marching Band on earning SUPERIOR ratings in EVERY CAPTION at the FBA District 8 Marching Music Performance Assessment (MPA).* Our students and band staff have worked very hard all season to prepare for this event. The band also received praise and comments about their appearance, discipline, and maturity all throughout the day. Our students represented Evans High School and the Pine Hills community in a major way, and we are all proud!

* SUPERIOR – The rating is comparable to the grade of “A”. This rating reflects the finest conceivable performance for the event and class of participants being evaluated – worthy of the distinction of being recognized as among the very best.
Important Upcoming Events:
Nov 17: FL Classic BOTB
Dec 6-7: Prism Concert
Dec 9: Tampa Bay Tech BOTB – Tampa, FL
Dec 19: Winter Concert
A Fascinating Production of “The Crucible”
The theater department at Evans High School recently presented The Crucible, a fascinating production. The students who participated demonstrated their remarkable ability through their skillful portrayal of the play's detailed characters. They not only delivered impactful performances, but also successfully communicated the play's central message: the dire consequences of sacrificing others in an attempt to protect one's reputation.
We can prevent the spread of dread and hysteria by remaining true to our honor and integrity, as symbolized in The Crucible. The audience was astounded by the students' commitment to their craft and their skill in bringing these themes to life on stage. The theater department at Evans High School serves as a testament to the extraordinary ability and dedication that affects our school.
Trojan Athletics
Trojan Football
Rolson On Evans' Grit
Evans came to play. We knew they would. They have pride and they play hard.
~ Jeff Rolson, Apopka Head Coach (to the Orlando Sentinel after Friday evening's football game)

Odum On Effort
The season was a success. We’re building. I felt we outplayed them all night. They just took advantage of what they’re supposed to do. That’s what a playoff team does. They’re seasoned and we’re new to this.
~ Karlos Odum, Evans Head Coach (to the Orlando Sentinel after Friday evening's football game)
Senior Night at Evans High School was a time to celebrate!
Evans High School recently held its annual "Senior Night." It was a time to celebrate the achievements of the senior fall athletes and band members. The event happened on November 3, 2023, right before the highly awaited football game between the Evans High School Trojans against Lake Nona.

Senior Night at Evans High School was a time for students who had played fall sports or had been in band, to celebrate their accomplishments with their families and friends. It was a night of happiness, pride, and memories as these remarkable students were given the chance to show off their hard work on the football field.

One of the best parts of the night was when Ms. Varnadore made custom picture frames for each senior as a surprise. The beautiful pictures inside these frames captured the essence of each student and will always serve as a memory of this special event. The care that went into making these frames gave an extra touch of sentimentality to an already emotional night.

As the grads walked onto the field with their families and friends, the air was filled with joyful anticipation and thankfulness. In that moment, they were reminded of not only their own successes but also the constant support they had while they were in high school. Family, friends, and community members cheered them on and recognized all the hours of hard work and commitment that got them this far.
Baptiste Orthodontics Student-Athletes of the Month:
Florida Athletic Coaches Association Recognitions: 
Athletic Clearance
Winter Sports
Ticket Information
Tickets to all athletic events can be purchased in advance through GoFan (https://gofan.co/) and searching for Maynard Evans High School or through the QR Code below:
Now Available: FAMILY-ALL Sport PASS for $100 and the Evans HS (Student) All Season PASS $35.00. Passes are good for Junior Varsity & Varsity games from August 02, 2023 - May 29, 2024
Extended Tutoring for Athletes
Required Extended Tutoring is still occurring for those currently in season who received a D or F on their quarter 1 report card. Evans is committed to pushing our athletes to excel on and off the court. Those required to attend must do so from 2:40- 3:30 with the individual teacher or in the cafeteria Tuesdays and Thursdays until the next grade report is submitted. Tutoring time must be logged in. Once students complete tutoring at 3:30 they can attend practice/ games. If they do not, they risk being pulled off the field/court.
Senior Class of 2024
Senior Class Commemorates Veterans for their Service
The Senior Class and sponsor, Ms. Green, went above and beyond to host a wonderful Veterans Day ceremony. They did this out of deep thanks and respect for those who served. This event was meant to honor and recognize the brave sacrifices made by our soldiers, and it was an unforgettable experience for everyone who went.

Principal Nelson-Warren showed our respected soldiers how much she appreciated them by giving them a special treat for lunch. Following Principal Nelson-Warren's kind action, the senior class did an excellent job to ensure that the veterans got the honor they deserve by thanking them for their service in speeches and reciting a mesmerizing poem. Beyond what was expected of them, the senior class did an amazing job at putting together the touching event that took place after school.
Senior Portraits
Student Services
SAC/PTSA Meeting
Come out on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:00pm!!
According to a study conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the academic performance of students whose parents attend PTSA meetings has improved significantly. Compared to pupils whose parents did not attend PTSA meetings, this group's average GPA increased by 0.5 points, according to the study. In addition, they had a higher rate of attendance and were more likely to graduate on schedule. These statistics emphasize the impact of parental participation in PTSA meetings on student achievement and educational success as a whole.
We love our Trojan Families!
As the holiday season approaches, we send warm wishes for happiness and togetherness. Our journey has been filled with shared laughter, learning, and countless memorable occasions, solidifying the unity within our Evans High School community. From our PTSA/SAC meetings, Family Mental Health, Parent Circle discussions, and Open House events to our cozy Coffee, Cocoa, and Conversations, we've found various ways to come together.

We also gathered and united in cheering on our performing arts and student-athletes during game nights and moved to the tunes of the Evans High School band. These moments exemplify the strength of our school family, where all stakeholders collaborate to build a stronger community, embodying our three pillars of success: pride, determination, and perseverance.
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assists with:
Weekly Superintendent's Message (Magnet Programs):
It's magnet program application time! Superintendent Vazquez sits down with Bri MacNaught to talk about programs such as Agriscience, criminal justice, law and finance, digital gaming, international studies, medical careers and first responder training.
Florida flag
Pride. Determination. Perseverance.
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Sunday, November 12, 2023
Evans High School Leadership Team
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