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The first forecast for the six-month 2013 hurricane season came out Wednesday, and it doesn't look much different than what happened in the 2012 season.

Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science say the Atlantic basin can expect 9 hurricanes and 18 named storms. The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season was extremely active with 10 named storms, 4 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes.

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Evans Roofing Metal RoofEvans Roofing Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Before the storm:
• Stay up-to-date on storm’s progress.
• Ensure you have emergency communication plan in place prior to the storm, evacuation or treat.
• Backup all data on servers and personal computers. If the backup site is within the area that may be affected by the storm, take backup tapes with you in the evacuation.
• Turn off all non-critical devises such as server monitors, work stations and other non-essential electrical equipment.
• Check the integrity of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and move it to the highest level possible above the floor.
• Inspect and make emergency repairs to drains gutters and flashing.
• Strap or anchor to roof deck support assembly (all roof mounted equipment such as HVAC units and exhaust vent).
• Strap /Relocate vital records..
• Install windstorm shutter/plywood over windows and doors.
• Take the following steps so that items will not blow away or cause damage:
• Remove all loose debris.

Storms and LightningHouse market recovery

The housing market has made a big comeback over the past year; home prices have surged some 8% and homebuyers can't seem to buy up properties fast enough.
But just as quickly as the market is gaining ground, some industry experts worry it will come crashing back to Earth.


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Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades are the only place in the world where alligators and crocodile co-exist.

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Maintenacne call over built of proof system.

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Old Bill says Not only is your roof the primary means of protecting your home against the elements, it also accounts for around a third of the visible area of your property. It is therefore important that your roof is well maintained and weathertight. Aside from buying a house, a new roof represents one of the most important investments most of us will make, so it is vital to know when your roof needs attention and, if so, what you should do about it. Old Bill has spoken


Old Bill
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