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Did you know that the first Thanksgiving took place in December 1621, when the Pilgrims held a three-day feast in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts to celebrate their bountiful harvest?

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Evans Roofing is a growing company in the South Floridian Market. We need an Office Assistant who can offer a reliable support to the team and help improve efficiency around the office. For more information, contact us at 1 800 290 9291. the florida heat keeps rising, you may have been struggling to keep your house cool.

Keeping up with the new generation of roofers

How the Younger Generation is Taking Over the Roofing Business and How Current Roofers can Keep Up ?

Join the experts from Trimble, a leader in construction technology, as they share how the younger generation are starting businesses and how current roofing professionals can keep up with new technology and innovative solutions.

From managing projects to gaining more business, you'll gather insight into how technology plays a role in maintaining and growing a successful roofing company.


Pitch Pan Maintenance

ShrinkageProblems with pitch pockets (a type of roof flashing used to seal penetrations) prevail on all types of roofs but are most typical on built-up or modified bitumen roofing systems.

There are many reasons a pitch pocket fails: the sealer can dry out and shrink or if the structure wrapped by the pitch pocket moves or vibrates.

Premature failure may be due to improper installation (e.g. incompatible materials) or lack of maintenance. Regardless of the reason, all pitch pocket problems mean leaks.

Prevent It

Routine inspections and basic maintenance (e.g. refilling the sealer) are the best course of action to keep pitch pockets in working order. If your roof has a high volume of penetrations, you should have it inspected every three to four months.

Repair It

If pitch pocket metal is completely corroded, contractors will remove the existing pitch pocket, put in new metal, and clean the old solution. Lastly, they’ll mix a two-part epoxy and install the new pitch pocket.

Unwanted Tenant

Make sure your roof is sealed properly!

Otherwise this can happen: unwanted and noisy guest...

Job of the month

Job of the month

A white tile roof on a residential home in West Palm Beach.

Job of the month

Old Bill says...

Old BillOld Bill says3 Types of General Maintenance For Your Roof

The roof over your head is critical to your home’s overall health. It is very important that you take care of the roofing and gutters.

The regular maintenance for your roof, is the best way to avoid major roofing repairs or problems.

Here are three types of regular general roof maintenance services offered by Evans Roofing:

1 - Roofing Inspection

Getting your roof inspected every few years is very important to be able to take the necessary preventive precautions against any incidents.

2 - Roofing Leak Repairs

Even if think your roof just has minimal damage, don’t wait a second longer before calling Evans Roofing. Remember, a routine roofing inspection by Evans Roofing can help prevent any damage or small leaks from going unnoticed.

3 - Roof and Gutter Cleaning

You should clean your roof and gutter of debris every year. Debris and dirt on your roof or in your gutters may cause damaged roofing and possibly leaks. Evans Roofing can refer you to our partners. Feel free to ask us.

Evans Roofing have been serving the Tri County homeowners for 30 years. When you need help with your roofing or gutters, call us at Evans Roofing.

Find a problem? Let Evans Roofing help!

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