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Route 7, Segment 6 Project-
Even BETTER Brandon  #9
Date: 9/25/17

As we progress with construction on the Even BETTER Brandon-Segment 6 project, we encourage you to continue to access information and photos of the project here at the Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are confident that the process will continue to be informative and timely, as our contacts will continue to be Dubois & King engineering, working in concert with the town of Brandon and local Rutland based contractor Casella Construction. Jeff Chase, Casella's Project Manager, will be providing weekly narratives of work done, and work scheduled for the upcoming weeks. So this will be a valuable resource for all in the community and surrounding areas.
We will also have a page dedicated to the project at brandonbuilds.com. As we add more content to the page it will be another great resource for information concerning many aspects of the project.

There will continue to be intermittent water shut offs for the next 3 weeks as Casella finishes installing the waterline on Carver Street, and individual water services are replaced or connected. Thanks to Ray Counter for the following helpful information below.
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info containing project updates, schedules and pictures from Casella Construction and DuBois & King. Advanced notice on planned shutdowns & emergency situations will be issued here.
What goes into a water main replacement project?
Replacing a water main consists of several phases.  In the first phase, the contractor will set up traffic control signs and barrels and may partially close the road.  Around the same time, the contractor will also saw cut the pavement to make way for the new water main trench.  Materials and supplies will also be delivered around the same time, and are typically placed in the curb area or in the greenspace in front of the sidewalk.
In the next phase, the contractor will begin actual construction by digging a trench and installing new pipe, valves, and hydrants.  Each trench portion is back filled as soon as the new pipe is installed, allowing customers to access their driveways as soon as possible.  The new water main is then pressure tested, chlorinated, flushed and bacteriological test performed. This process typically takes about two weeks to complete. Once the new water main has passed its testing, the homes and buildings are then connected onto the new pipe.
The final phase is street restoration work, where the contractor will place asphalt or concrete over the trench and open the street up to traffic.  The contractor will also restore grass, sidewalk, and other disturbed areas at this time (weather permitting).
How will I be affected?
Most projects will involve the closing of lanes or roads near the project location; there is a good chance that you will be affected by these closures.  Apart from street closures, your water service may also be turned off as the contractor makes water pipe connections, and also as they install new water service tubing to your building.
Will I still be able to park in my driveway/parking lot?
The contractor will likely close the road to through traffic as the work is being performed.  However, you may still be able to drive into the work zone and access your driveway.  The contractor will work with you to move equipment as needed should they be blocking your way.  However, there may be a time as the contractor is working directly in front of your home or building where your driveway will not be accessible.  Please be patient and plan ahead, and do not be afraid to talk to the contractor should they be in your way.
How much of the water service will be replaced? What portion of the service is my responsibility?
The Fire District owns and maintains the water service from the water main in the street to the curb stop valve, which is typically located a few feet off of the sidewalk/property line. The Fire District will replace this section with new tubing and a new curb stop valve.
The remaining portion of the service, from the curb stop valve to the meter in the building, is the responsibility of the property owner.  The curb stop valve itself is the responsibility of the Fire District.
Will my water be shut off? Will I get notified before the water is shut off?
There are three types of water outages.  The first type will occur as the contractor makes connections between existing water mains and new water mains.  This outage will last for approximately 4 to 6 hours.  The Fire District will notify you 1 to 2 days prior to these shutdowns via door-to-door flyers and at times, via electronic newsletters/emails. 
The second type will occur as each home's water service tubing is reconnected to the new water main.  This will happen to homes and buildings where the new water main crosses directly in front of the property.  Expect to be out of water for between 60 and 90 minutes as this work is done.  The contractor will knock on your door to notify you before they make the water service connection.  
The third type will occur when a water main or service has ruptured and an immediate shutdown is required. This can occur during construction because of age of pipe, inaccurate mapping of the system or by accident. Critical customers will be notified before the water is shut off if the situation allows. Notification will be made to others when the situation is under control and an assessment has been made.
Do I need to do anything to ready my property for the water outages?
It is a good idea to store some water and put it aside for drinking and flushing of toilets. You should also make sure to not have your dishwasher or clothes washer running as the water is to be shut off. After your water is turned back on, you may notice some discolored water or air in the line.  This can be remedied by running your water for 10 or 15 minutes immediately after the water is turned back on.  The best places to flush is through an outside spigot or tub faucet. (Recommendations for emergencies are to store 1 gallon per person per day. Also, don't forget your pets!)
What do I do if I have low water pressure when the water comes back on?
First, unscrew the faucet screens and make sure they are not clogged.  Sometimes, sediment from inside the building's piping breaks loose when the water is turned off and on, and may clog these screens. If the screens are not clogged, and if the low water pressure problem is throughout your building, contact the Fire District at (802)247-3311.  
What do I do if I have cloudy water after the water is turned back on?
Flush cold water out of several faucets at the same time, letting the water run for 10 or 15 minutes.  If the water does not clear up, contact the Fire District at (802)247-3311.   brandonfdno1@myfairpoint.net

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PROJECT: Brandon NH 019-3 (496)
DATE: Week of September 25th
This past week we continued with drainage install on Carver St. This upcoming week we will continue North up Carver St to the intersection of Union with the 30 inch drainage line and precast manholes. We also be widening the southwest corner of the intersection temporarily to facilitate water and sewer main install in the vicinity. We will be closing Carver St North this Monday until further notice. Carver St, between Union St and Rossiter St, will also be closed to thru traffic starting on Monday to facilitate the install of the drainage and water pipe, however it will be open back up for traffic nightly. All Carver St North traffic will be detours to Union St (south side of Central Park).
Upcoming work in the next two weeks:
TRAFFIC DELAYS: Our work this week will be focused on Carver St this week. We will be closing the road to thru traffic at times during the week. Construction equipment will be traveling on Route 7 and Carver Street, servicing the pipe crew on Rossiter. Please be aware the backfilled trench surfaces on Carver and Rossiter St will be gravel. Take care driving over the backfill trenches. We are coordinating with the School System on bus pickups and drops, to avoid conflict with our construction progress.  The School System will be coordinating with the Students and their families.
This week as we work north up Carver St towards Union St we will be impacting the Bank Building and their parking. We will coordinate as we approach the intersection of Union and Carver.  Please see the attached map for Carver St closure details and detour route. Please note on the map that crosswalks will be relocated temporarily. We will provide signage directing pedestrians to temporary cross walks.
DRAINAGE SYSTEM: We will have a pipe install crew (30 ton excavator, roller, loader, and dump trucks) on Carver St, between Union St and Rossiter St, working on installing 30" drain pipe and precast manholes and catch basins this week. This same crew will install water main on Carver St, between Union St and Rossiter St, the week of October 2nd.
WATER SYSTEM: A water pipe install crew (30 ton excavator, roller, loader, and dump trucks) will be starting on Monday, October 2nd on Carver St North. This crew will focus on installing the new 12" and 16" water mains in and around Center Park.  
DELIVERIES: Misc. Small Deliveries
GENERAL NOTES: Please be aware there are many buried existing utilities. Sometimes we have to disrupt these utilities and the service they provide to you. In those instances, we make every effort to notify you ahead of time and make every effort to make the disruption as short as possible. Work will be centered around the Central Park area, Carver St between Union and Rossiter St, and the east end of Rossiter St for the next two months.
Project Overview:
PROJECT LOCATION:   Segment 6 project limits start south on Route 7 at the Fire Station and ends just north of the Shell Station on Route 7, the project also includes work on portions of Park St, Conant Sq, Rossiter, Union, Carver, and Grove St. 
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists of roadway widening, sidewalks and curbs, pavement markings, traffic signs, signal, water main, sanitary sewer, aerial, & underground utilities and storm water improvements for the Brandon Village portion of US Route 7 to include a portion of Franklin Street, a portion of Park Street, Center Street, Conant Square, a portion of Carver St, a portion of Union St, a portion of Rossiter St, and a portion of Grove Street.  Preconstruction activities including tree removal, exploratory excavation, temporary construction signage installation, and overhead utility relocation will be occurring over the next six weeks.  
PROJECT DURATION:  This project will be on going now through November 2019, with work divided in six segments (A thru F).  This year's work will be occurring on Segment B, which is Central Park Area, on Route 7 from Lake Sunapee Bank to the Brandon Public Library and portion of Carver St, Park, Union, and Rossiter St.
Till Next Week,
Jeff Chase
Casella Construction, Inc.
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-Green Mt Power and other utility work continues.
-Drone aerial photography ongoing.
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