Even BETTER Brandon-Seg 6
Route 7 Updates and pictures. 
Brandon Builds!!

Project Updates, Info and pictures. 
Route 7, Segment 6 Project-
Even BETTER Brandon  #3
Date: 7/24/17

As we prepare for the Even BETTER Brandon-Segment 6 project in the coming months, we encourage you to continue to access information and photos of the project here at the Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are confident that the process will continue to be informative and timely as our contacts will continue to be Dubois & King engineering, working in concert with the town of Brandon and local Rutland based contractor Casella Construction. Jeff Chase, Casella's Project Manager, will be providing weekly narratives of work done, and work scheduled for the upcoming weeks. So this will be a valuable resource for all in the community and surrounding areas.
We will also have a page dedicated to the project at brandonbuilds.com. As we add more content to the page it will be another great resource for information concerning many aspects of the project.

Please click on the link below for Jeff's most recent report-

 7/24/17 Updates & Work Schedule- Jeff Chase- Casella Construction

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PLEASE Join many of the local people, who have been involved with the process of bringing the Segment 6, Route 7 project to fruition, at a   groundbreaking ceremony to be held in Central Park at 10:00am on  Monday, July 31st. Select board members past and present, town  employees, volunteers who've helped plan and shepherd the process along for over 30 years, Representative Welch, Governor Scott and other state and federal elected officials, department heads,   engineering firm representatives, Casellas Construction and fellow   residents and business owners eager to see the results of our long
adventure. Come witness the first shovels full of dirt turned over on this largest municipally managed project in the history of Vermont! This project has been a long time coming and we're excited to start
the process of turning our great little town into an even BETTER Brandon!






-Utility work continues.
-Drone aerial photography ongoing.

                           "Even BETTER Brandon"!! 
Here are a few pictures and drawings to get us started.

                                                                               Central Park


                                                                                Crescent Park


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