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Route 7, Segment 6 Project-
Even BETTER Brandon  #5
Date: 8/14/17

As we progress with construction on the Even BETTER Brandon-Segment 6 project, we encourage you to continue to access information and photos of the project here at the Chamber of Commerce newsletter. We are confident that the process will continue to be informative and timely, as our contacts will continue to be Dubois & King engineering, working in concert with the town of Brandon and local Rutland based contractor Casella Construction. Jeff Chase, Casella's Project Manager, will be providing weekly narratives of work done, and work scheduled for the upcoming weeks. So this will be a valuable resource for all in the community and surrounding areas.
We will also have a page dedicated to the project at brandonbuilds.com. As we add more content to the page it will be another great resource for information concerning many aspects of the project.

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 DATE: Week of August 14th

We performed exploratory test pits last week on Rossiter and Carver, layout on the in Segment B, and asphalt removal on Rossiter. This week we will be installing drainage on Rossiter Street.
Upcoming work in the next two weeks:
TRAFFIC DELAYS: Our work this week will be focused on Rossiter Street this week. We will be closing the road to thru traffic for the week. Construction equipment will be traveling on Route 7 and Carver Street, servicing the pipe crew on Rossiter. We anticipate being on Carver St next week. Please be aware the backfilled trench surfaces on Rossiter St will be gravel. Take care driving over the backfill trenches.
DRAINAGE SYSTEM: We will have a pipe install crew (30 ton excavator, roller, loader, and dump trucks) on Rossiter working on installing 30" drain pipe and manhole installation this week. This crew will proceed with install up Carver Street next week.
SAWCUTTING: We will continue with saw cutting on Carver Street in preparation of the drainage line installation.
DELVERIES: We will continue to receive deliveries of pipe, manholes, and equipment.
Project Overview:
PROJECT LOCATION:   Segment 6 project limits start south on Route 7 at the Fire Station and ends just north of the Shell Station on Route 7, the project also includes work on portions of Park St, Conant Sq, Rossiter, Union, Carver, and Grove St. 
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists of roadway widening, sidewalks and curbs, pavement markings, traffic signs, signal, water main, sanitary sewer, aerial, & underground utilities and stormwater improvements for the Brandon Village portion of US Route 7 to include a portion of Franklin Street, a portion of Park Street, Center Street, Conant Square, a portion of Carver St, a portion of Union St, a portion of Rossiter St, and a portion of Grove Street.  Preconstruction activities including tree removal, exploratory excavation, temporary construction signage installation, and overhead utility relocation will be occurring over the next six weeks.  
PROJECT DURATION:  This project will be on going now through November 2019, with work divided in six segments (A thru F).  This year's work will be occurring on Segment B, which is Central Park Area, on Route 7 from Lake Sunapee Bank to the Brandon Public Library and portion of Carver St, Park, Union, and Rossiter St.

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-Green Mt Power and other utility work continues.
-Drone aerial photography ongoing.

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