August 2020
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2020 TSSA Annual Big Ideas Conference Goes Online
October 13, 2020
Many of you have been waiting for an update on TSSA's Annual Conference, and we thank you for your patience. After considering the risks and benefits, TSSA's board decided the safety of members has to come first and the restrictions in place in Fort Worth make it impossible for TSSA to deliver an event with the quality you've come fo expect.

The board made the difficult decision to move the event to a virtual experience for one day--October 13, 2020. This year, we've rebranded our Big Ideas in Storage event to become BIGGER IDEAS IN STORAGE: A New Experience. No one will argue that an online conference is the same as being together in person, but the reduced cost and lack of travel opens the event up to members who've never been able to attend. With multiple education tracks, a virtual exhibit hall and on-demand viewing, the live experience will take place over the course of a day but the learning and networking can continue for months. All this for the surprisingly low fee of $99 for members.

Now we begin working to build a unique experience you can't find anywhere else! We will update you as we finalize details over the next few weeks. Make sure to check for the latest information!

To watch a video message from Executive Director Ginny Sutton about this decision, click the button above.
If a unit is not in lien status, should I allow a company with a lien on something in the unit (rented furniture, for example) to repossess or seize this property?

You should not allow anyone else to enter the unit or seize the property unless you have the legal authorization to do so. Under TSSA lease paragraph 18, there are a limited number of circumstances under which you can enter a unit or let others enter a unit. Letting another lien holder in to reclaim items is not a circumstance for which you have a right of entry under the TSSA lease. The fact that someone else may have a lien on the property does not give them the right to enter the unit. In this circumstance, the only scenarios under which the lien holder would have the right to enter the unit (or under which you would have the right to allow the lien holder to enter the unit and repossess the goods) would be either 1) if the tenant authorized you to let the lien holder to enter and remove the goods, or 2) if you are in the process of conducting a foreclosure sale on a motor vehicle, trailer, boat, or outboard motor and the lien holder exercises their right to redeem the property within 31 days of the receipt of your notice to them about the impending public sale.

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Planning for the Unexpected
by Denise Bowley, Self Storage Science

What? You didn’t have a global pandemic section in your business continuity plan? Unless you were a government agency, few businesses planned for a pandemic. In fact, a new study from TechRepublic showed that only 37 percent of respondents...
Membership Tip of the Month
From the Desk of Holly Barr,
Director of Membership & Engagement

This month, we're spotlighting the "roster" in your TSSA membership record, and why it's important to keep your information up-to-date.

Watch this short video to learn what your roster is and why you may want to update it!
Email Scams Targeting Taxpayers

The State Comptroller recently sent out an email to business owners warning about attempted fraud via email. Their advice? Not to respond to requests for credit card or other payment information.

Learn more about protecting yourself from tax fraud, click here.
Marketing Alphabet Soup:
What does it mean and why should I care?
by Jennifer Jones, JKJ Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it can sometimes feel as if you are throwing money into a black hole with no idea what any of it means, where it’s going or what kind of return you’re going to get. So here is the quick and dirty of what all of those acronyms mean and how it affects your business.