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Dear Friends,

Just when we thought we'd heard it all, we were alerted to a new online danger--the "Romeo Pimp." If you don't know what this is, be sure to read this week's featured post.

But keep in mind, even though it's important to know about online dangers, young people report that more good things happen online than bad.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online
Protecting Your Child From a Romeo Pimp
A Romeo Pimp, sometimes called a Loverboy, is a potential online threat that's important for parents to know about.

A New Generation of Parental Controls!
It takes a lot to get us excited about parental controls, but honestly this Mobicip update is revolutionary. You need to check out these new features!

What To Do When Your Child Has NO Awareness of Danger
Not all children respond to danger in the same way. See these tips to keep all children safe.

How To Talk to Kids When Sexual Assault Hits the News
Education Week ran an excellent story this week offering 5 tips on how to talk to kids about sexual assault.

We're In the News!
5 Steps for Teaching Your Child to Unplug
"There's a simple solution to the vexing challenge of getting teens to put done their phones: education!"

French Schools Say 'Non!' to Cellphones
While the French say 'non' to phones in school, we suggest teens learn to use them as productive tools.

It Takes No Time To Keep Kids Safe Online
Surely There's Time for This?
You say your school has "no time" to teach kids how to be safe online? Surely they can squeeze in 5 short activities... because that's all it takes to use Cyber Civics "Mini."

For Families
We also offer a family version of our popular in-school program, so you can teach your kids how to be safe online.

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