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Giving more than money to those you love: 
What you have learned is as valuable as what 
you have earned. 
                                              Susan Turnbull 
To my colleagues, customers and friends,

Great conversations are what can make a memorable Thanksgiving. Sometimes it takes something unexpected to trigger the kind of wonderful conversations that show a new side of someone. That's what Life Legacy Cards do. Why not try them this year? Order right now and you'll have them in time. Here a few ideas for using them: 
  • Scatter them casually on a coffee table. Watch for the reactions and stories they will invariably generate.
  • Make a game at the table. Put one face down in front of every place and invite people to turn them over. Take turns responding; letting people trade cards adds to the fun. Do it in pairs or around the whole table.
  • Set up an oral history interview. Invite an older child to ask a grandparent to choose a card to talk about. Pull out a cell phone and preserve the recording. 
  • Reverse the usual oral history pattern and have a grandparent ask a grandchild to respond.
  • Have everyone respond to the same card. Imagine the range of reactions to a card like this one: Talk about an experience you hope everyone gets to have.
  • Use them to connect, to hear stories you've never heard before, and to add a lively new dimension to your holiday.

For deliveries by Thanksgiving, order by November 19th. 


With gratitude to you, best wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving, 


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Face to face conversation is the most human -
and humanizing - thing we do.
 Sherry Turkle, author

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Life Legacy Conversations: Inspiring Action Through Story 

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A beautiful and useful new tool with a training component will be unveiled soon.

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