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Against the backdrop of COVID-19, we are witness to hundreds of examples of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations responding in creative and compassionate ways to the health and economic crisis that has enveloped our county, our nation, and our world. We are socializing with family and friends in new and virtual ways; innovating methods for delivering products, services, and classroom lessons while practicing social distancing; collaborating with like-minded businesses to keep people employed and pantries, fridges, and medicine cabinets stocked; and expressing gratitude to essential workers and heroes in song, and dance, and brilliant displays of light.

We are gathering around the virtual water cooler, commiserating on the one hand, celebrating on the other. The human spirit finds a way to make the best of a bad situation, and to help neighbors and strangers, while helping ourselves. Following are stories that showcase the possibility, vitality, and resiliency of the Shadelands community and the community at large.
During the first week of April, the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce conducted an important business survey to help identify immediate business needs and concerns in Walnut Creek and surrounding communities. For survey results, click here .

Then, on Tuesday, April 14, the Chamber held an informative COVID-19 business response videoconference call with guests Walnut Creek Mayor Loella Haskew, Walnut Creek City Manager Dan Buckshi, and SBA Economic Specialist Noah Brod.

The meeting was recorded and is available on the Walnut Creek Chamber's website here .
The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce has built an expansive list of resources and links on its COVID-19 Resources Page for the benefit of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals, including economic relief and response sites.
Public health websites:

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website is updated regularly on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic with health-related information, statistics, guidance, and resources.

California Department of Public Health offers alerts, daily COVID-19
updates, and "by the numbers" data throughout the state.

•  Contra Costa Health Services updates its website with statistics and news by 1pm every day. Read CCHS's Stay Home FAQs .

• The City of Walnut Creek updates its website on available city programs and services, public safety and adherence to public orders, and businesses that are open during closures and shelter in place.

• The World Health Organization (WHO) live streams press conferences from Geneva headquarters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at (generally) 8am Pacific Time with latest updates on the global COVID-19 impact and response.
Natasha Kuzovleva is a self-taught fashion designer and tailor who owns and operates her own full service sewing and alterations shop in Shadelands, The Fairy Tailors , at 150 Wiget Lane, Suite 114.

After ten years in Concord, Natasha moved into her new space in November 2019 and has made herself comfortable surrounded by her fabrics, mannequins, spools of thread, shearing scissors, sewing machines, and large work tables.
With more than 25 years of tailoring experience, Natasha designs custom-made dresses, gowns, shirts, blouses, pants, slacks, jackets, and suits, and offers services as simple as sewing buttons, patches, and hems because, as she says, “Not everybody knows how to sew.”
In response to the health crisis and public orders to cover up, Natasha closed her tailoring services and is now solely crafting and selling a variety of masks for adults and children in an array of fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs.

Natasha’s masks come in three styles: simple pleated fabric, pleated fabric with a filter, and form fitted with a filter and a metal wire at the nose for pinching.

All fit snugly, but comfortably, against the side of the face; are secured with ties, elastic, or ear loops; include multiple layers of fabric; and are easily washable without damage to material or shape.
Call in advance for an appointment to purchase masks.
Natasha Kuzovleva in her shop wearing her own branded The Fairy Tailors mask.

150 Wiget Lane, Suite 114
Walnut Creek

Mike Hess Brewing (MHB) is a popular craft beer taproom in The Orchards, with indoor seating, a cozy outdoor patio, and at least 15 alternating MHB beers on tap. When the shelter in place order took effect mid-March, Mike Hess and his teams, headquartered in San Diego, went to work innovating to keep the suds flowing and employees working, while giving back to its communities in new and different ways.
Working from the southern California “mothership," Mike connected with the good folks at Jacks Urban Eats , located across the shopping center's parking lot. Mike and Austin Fauci, Jacks owner/operator (and dishwasher and counter help these days), have partnered to provide beer and food for delivery. Several of Jacks most popular menu items are now offered on MHB's website at the point of sale.
While the MHB tasting room is closed, curbside (front door) pick-up for beer is available. Jacks is also open for take-out only, with counter pick-up. Now, however, customers can call Mike Hess Brewing, or order online, and place a delivery order for beer or beer and food. For a nominal delivery charge, MHB is delivering to customers within a 15-minute radius.
At the same time, Mike responded to the health crisis and shelter order by pivoting in the face of closures and furloughs and innovating a new business offering: MHB is now producing hand sanitizer in 4 oz. spray bottles with its own label, Mike's Mist .

While MHB is still producing beer, part of the brewery has been repurposed for hand sanitizer production. Bottles sell in the tasting room and online for $6.99 a piece, with 19% of sales going to pediatric cancer research.

To date, Mike Hess Brewing has sold more than 30,000 units of hand sanitizer and raised more than $30,000 to benefit MIB Agents and the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation .
“We’re still making beer—the grocery store business has been booming because people can’t get out to bars and restaurants—so we have a full crew on beer production," says Mike. "But, the good news is we’ve been able to rehire most of our furloughed employees for the production, bottling, labeling, and distribution of the hand sanitizer. It's a great feeling. Glad to have the team back. Glad to be raising money for pediatric cancer research."

Stop by Mike Hess Brewing at The Orchards for some suds and sanitizer.

2313 Oak Grove Road
Walnut Creek
Mike Hess Brewing curbside pick-up at
The Orchards.
(l-r) Mike Hess Brewing team members Ryan Metz, Lacey Collaro, and Sally Pike greet customers with cans of Mike Hess Brewing craft beer and hand sanitizer.
Part of the brewery has been repurposed to produce Mike's Mist hand sanitizer.
Mike Hess Brewing and Jacks Urban Eats have teamed up to keep people fed and quenched during shelter in place.
Much of The Orchards at Walnut Creek is open for business and that's good news for people and pets looking for local essential products and services.

A full 17 of 28 tenants are open, most with modified hours. Eateries are open for pick-up and/or delivery only.

Check The Orchards Directory for businesses that are open and for their modified hours.

Corner of
Ygnacio Valley Road &
Oak Grove Road
Walnut Creek
Bay Area residents are now required to cover up when visiting essential services, so don your mask and make your way to The Orchards for food, beverages, banking, medical services, dry cleaning, mobile needs, and mailing & shipping.
Tim Escover suggests a shake to go with those fries at Burger Lounge.
From our friends at the Safeway bakery.
In compliance with shelter in place, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) has suspended most regular in-person programs and services. Shelter animals continue to be cared for by staff and most ARF animals are in foster homes. The good news is that many programs and events have gone virtual, allowing ARF to continue to raise funds to support its life-saving programs for pets and people, especially during this difficult time.

Need something a little more stimulating than Netflix while you're sheltering in place? Gather a group of friends via Zoom and join ARF for a virtual version of its popular Yappy Hour Trivia every other Tuesday, 5pm. Yappy Hour is hosted by Calicraft Brewing Company and every ticket purchase includes a coupon for beer! Register here .

Most people know ARF's annual pet walk as Animals on Broadway , a celebration of the special bond between pets and people. This year, "Broadway" is anywhere that's safe for you and your pets. Gather the family and pets with whom you have been sheltering and walk to save lives, Sunday, May 17, 10:30am. Sign up as an individual or a team to help ARF raise $100,000 for animals in need. Click here for registration and more information.

Missing your yoga studio? Join Registered Yoga Instructor and ARF Volunteer Marie Ramagli (and her cats), who will guide attendees (and pets) through a virtual yoga session Thursdays at 6pm. Register here .

ARF is now offering a no-contact virtual adoption process. To maintain recommended social distancing, all interaction is done through email and phone calls, up until the moment you take your pet home. If you have space in your heart and home, there has never been a better time to adopt. Start here .

2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek
Muir Orthopaedic Specialists (MOS) has launched a new tele-health service called Ortho See , web-based, remote orthopedic care and clinical services with MOS surgeons, doctors, and physical therapists by videoconference.

Technology has made it easy for Muir Ortho's specialists in Walnut Creek, Concord, San Ramon, and Brentwood offices to meet patients in secure, HIPAA-compliant environments without patients leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

Amid the COVID-19 health crisis, Orthopaedic Express by MOS , Muir Ortho's new state of the art urgent care center specializing solely in orthopedic issues, remains open at 2405 Shadelands Drive, 1st Floor, Monday through Friday, 11am to 4pm. X-ray and MRI services are also open.

Doctors Clinic and Physical Therapy are open at 2625 Shadelands Drive.

Click here for the status of MOS office openings, temporary closures, and modified hours.

To inquire about an in-person visit, call Muir Orthopaedic Specialists 24/7 at 925.939.8585.

2405 Shadelands Drive
2625 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
Just weeks ago, we had no idea that our worlds were going to be turned upside down by the coronavirus. Or that the associated worry, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety would be something that everyone, across the country and around the world, would experience.

The isolation and uncertainty of COVID-19 is difficult for everyone, and especially those who may already be suffering from a mental health issue.

It is important for all of us to be kind to ourselves and each other as we face each day. And it's important to practice good self-care.

The helpful National Alliance on Mental Illness COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide is available here as a PDF.
is available 24/7
for emotional support.
Dial 211 or
text HOPE to 20121
to talk and find resources.
In response to shelter in place and social distancing orders, RagaYoga , a community-based studio located in the Shadelands SportsMall, has gone live with its new virtual studio Raga Online.

Owner CJ Lamborn and her team are now delivering a wide variety of their most popular classes via live streaming and on-demand, pre-recorded sessions.

RagaYoga specializes in mobility, meditation, and functional training. Classes emphasize yoga's power to reduce stress, improve immunity, and empower positivity.

“At Raga, we aim to serve the lives of our students," says CJ. "The poses, the movement, the practice are the means to uncover our strength, to ease our pain, and to remind us of the everyday beauty of life.” RagaYoga was featured in the October 2019 issue of The Shadelands Scene .

With doors closed by COVID-19, RagaYoga quickly initiated a new online platform and their students couldn’t be happier, sending CJ e-mailed thanks for, in the words of one particularly appreciative student, "supporting my sanity during all of this crazy town time."

"As we come out of this tumultuous period, we will turn to one another more than ever," says CJ. "We always need outlets to support our physical, mental, and emotional health. Tomorrow we'll need them even more. This is what yoga does. It serves the whole person."

Raga Online is open to adults at all levels of experience. For detailed information and to register for online classes, visit RagaYoga .
CJ Lamborn, owner, RagaYoga
Shadelands SportsMall
2662 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
Click on the image above for an example of a RagaYoga on-demand RagaFlow class.
Staying home from work and school while sheltering in place has given many individuals and families opportunities to engage in activities they've never had time for in their ordinarily busy lives.

One such family is the Amato family of Walnut Creek, who decided to do something fun for themselves and meaningful for a local nonprofit. They chose to foster a dog through Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation's Pets and Vets Program . Ariel, a four-year-old mixed breed rescue, has been enjoying the company of Beth and David and twins Ethan and Ryan for two weeks while they socialize with her and keep a journal of her habits, traits, and preferences. Their opinion? "She is an exceptional dog and companion—a real love and a joy to be with," says Beth. "This has been a very special experience for all of us and we know she'll make a veteran very happy."
2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek
Ariel with her loving foster family Ethan, David, Beth, and Ryan Amato.
Virtual Arts Classes
Center for Community Arts is offering more than 60 Zoom-based online arts classes this spring including specialized classes in drawing, painting, digital media, dance, music, drama, creative writing, and more. Join Community Arts teaching artists in hands-on arts classes and be part of building community online by creating together. View the online catalog of virtual classes and register here .

Virtual Community Center
During shelter in place, Walnut Creek's Arts + Rec Virtual Community Center is the place for fun and educational programs and resources for individuals and families. The goal is to inform, enrich, and entertain by sharing content and ideas about safe and healthy indoor and outdoor activities for children, seniors, and the entire family. Stay updated here .

Neighbor Express
Walnut Creek has launched Neighbor Express , a free neighbor to neighbor volunteer connection for grocery delivery and meal drop off. Anyone in Walnut Creek who is at extra risk from COVID-19 can request a delivery. Healthy community members can sign up to volunteer to make deliveries. Learn more at Neighbor Express.

111 N. Wiget Lane
Walnut Creek

In June 2019, BASS Medical Group launched its hi-tech state of the art Advanced Urgent Care at 2637 Shadelands Drive, Entrance E, enhanced with the full service, on-site BASS Lab and BASS Imaging facility. During the health crisis, BASS Urgent Care remains open Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm, for walk-ins and appointments.
In addition to in-person clinic visits, BASS now offers telemedicine services urgent care visits by phone or video chat. Given the risk factors associated with COVID-19, video visits allow patients to receive the urgent care treatment they need without the exposure risk. Patients can learn more at the BASS Urgent Care website.

In response to the rapidly spreading and easily transmitted COVID-19, BASS has ordered a substantial number of testing kits that include both the standard polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19 (respiratory specimen obtained through a deep nasal swab) and COVID-19 antibody tests.

BASS Urgent Care offers PCR Covid-19 testing now and will be offering antibody testing in early May.
Tests for COVID-19 require a physician’s order and BASS physicians can order the test through a video visit.
As tests become more available, physicians will work with patients to determine if the standard PCR test is needed, or if the antibody test is sufficient, and will be responsible for reviewing results with patients.
To help determine if you should be tested or seek care, call BASS Urgent Care at 925.329.3718.
BASS Urgent Care front desk.
2637 Shadelands Drive
Walnut Creek
Nasal swab for COVID-19 PCR test.
Venous stick for COVID-19 antibody test.
After sunset on Sunday, April 12, Mount Diablo State Park's famed Beacon was lit as a show of hope, connection, and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated sheltering and social distancing. The Beacon's light shone brilliantly until the next morning at sunrise.

Through a collaborative effort between Save Mount Diablo , California State Parks , and Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, Chapter 5 , the Summit Beacon will be lit every Sunday evening after sunset and will shine brightly until sunrise the next day until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

"As we look up in the sky, let this beacon remind us we are not alone," said Eduardo Guaracha, Diablo Range Superintendent of California State Parks. "Our thoughts and support are with the heroes, healthcare and emergency workers, and all those affected by this worldwide pandemic. Let the light give us hope for a better future and remind us to keep our heads and spirits up."

Look for the Beacon's welcoming light atop Mount Diablo on Sundays after sunset.
Mount Diablo’s Beacon lights the evening sky on December 7.
(Photo credit Stephen Joseph,
View from Mount Diablo's Summit at sunrise on Monday, April 13, as Save Mount Diablo Executive Director Ted Clement prepared to turn off the Beacon.
(Photo credit Ted Clement,
Read the full press release here .
And finally, The Shadelands Scene Team wishes all mothers and fathers who are mothers to their children a very happy and joyful Mother's Day on Sunday, May 10, a Mother's Day to remember.

Best wishes to you and yours for good health and bright spirits!

Hug those you can, connect virtually with those you can't, and enjoy Mount Diablo's Beacon symbolizing hope and honoring heroes.
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