UPDATE 3-17-2020

Good Evening
Children’s Paradise Families,

Thank you for your support and patience during this uncertain time. We have the choice to respond calmly and lead with confidence or panic. We appreciate your understanding as we work through this time. We are working by the hour to adjust, adapt and most importantly, stay calm as COVID-19 information becomes available. We completely support the decisions of our families, both to bring their children so they can go to work or to keep their children home. We are staying open for those who need our services, those people on the front line, such as health workers, firefighters, police, food supply workers and those whose jobs are still requiring them to work.

For those continuing to attend, we wanted to give you a few updates on procedures and the classrooms.

Health Procedures

1.     Prior to arriving take a moment to do a quick health screening on your child. If there are any signs of illness, please do not bring your child to the center.

2.     We will be continuing our rigorous door health screening checks and abide by CDC recommendations to exclude any children if they or anyone in their family group presents any of the following, but not limited to, sneezing, coughing, running nose, lethargy or temperature of 100 °F. 

3.     If your child presents flu like symptoms during the day, we will contact you to pick them up. 

Our staff is doing an incredible job at getting us all through this period. Everyone worked hard yesterday to implement new health and safety routines, clean classrooms and still provide amazing care to the children entrusted to us.  Please help us by keeping all personal toys, stuffed animals, blankets and backpacks at home.  The blankets at the centers are being washed daily and will not be allowed to go home to ensure that they are all being cleaned daily. 

We are also making efforts to keep classroom sizes low and limiting classroom interactions on the playground. Employees are being asked to follow all CDC and local guidelines for social distancing when not at work. We are actively engaged with partners in our community to provide you information on food resources.  Everyone at Children’s Paradise is choosing to stay vigilant so you can continue to work and help our community.

We want the entire Children’s Paradise family to know that we are continuing to listen to news conferences, speaking with leaders in our community and doing our best to follow all advice given. We will remain open as long as we can and will continue to provide updates on a regular basis. Have an amazing evening and thank you for your continued trust and support. 

Never stop building big dreams!


Children Paradise