Tuesday, June 9, 2020
The Kia Kima 2020 Experience
Welcome to the June 9 issue of The Daily Thunderbird! We have a great skit, a new Knot of the Day feature, information about upcoming and just-added merit badge opportunities, and more! Check the end of the newsletter for some exciting updates about camping at Kia Kima and Currier!

Tomorrow, we will be debuting registration for our first in-person activities at Camp Currier, for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA, so make sure to check in and register early, since spots will be limited!
Skit of the Day: Frying Pan of Enthusiasm!
Special Announcement: the winner of the weekly photo contest, ending June 13, will win their very own Kia Kima-branded Frying Pan of Enthusiasm! Make sure to send us your pictures, at photos@kiakima.net or use #KiaKima or #KK2020Exp!
Upcoming Virtual Merit Badges
Citizenship in the World merit badge will be offered tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10, from 1-4 p.m. Make sure to register today! If registration is closed, e-mail chickasawvirtualmb@gmail.com!
Click on the badge for which you want to register!

There are many virtual offerings available from the Kia Kima 2020 Experience now (with more being added daily)! Check out this great list of upcoming merit badge opportunities here, and visit chickasaw.org/calendar for the latest schedule of virtual sessions.
Camp Photo of the Day
Today, we bring you a shot from the stunning John A. Cooper Lake, in Camp Cherokee! Camp Cherokee is the smaller of the two camps at Kia Kima Scout Reservation, where Scouts and leaders enjoy a village-like environment and cook their own meals in their campsites. The lake is a favorite place to relax, swim, fish, or try out the Blob and the Iceberg!

Have a favorite photo you want to share? Send it to photos@kiakima.net!
The Kia Kima 2020 Experience Trading Post
Make sure to check out the Kia Kima 2020 Experience Trading Post, which has lots of great Kia Kima memorabilia, including the patches for 2020!
We Love Scouting! - Week 1 Contest
Each week, the Kia Kima 2020 Experience will host a contest, highlighting the best of your Scouting skills and spirit! Winners will be selected by the Kia Kima Staff, and each winner will be sent an incredible Kia Kima prize pack!

For our Week 1 contest, we are highlighting Scouts who have been actively Scouting during the pandemic. Send us your best photo of any Scouting fun you have had since the pandemic began. Whether you were camping in your backyard, working on a project for a virtual merit badge, or completing an awesome Cub Scout adventure, share your fun with us. You could win an amazing prize! This contest ends on Saturday, June 13, at 11:59 p.m.

E-mail your photos to photos@kiakima.net or use #KK2020Exp and #KiaKima on Facebook and Instagram!
Knot of the Day: The Bowline Knot

The Kia Kima 2020 Experience is offering programming for Scouts and Cub Scouts in three primary ways (scheduled virtual meetings, limited in-person meetings, and self-paced opportunities). As the summer continues, we will be adding more and more advancement and enrichment programs every day of the summer, so make sure you check in with us regularly!
Information for the self-paced Environmental Science merit badge and the Webelos Cast Iron Chef adventure will be available tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10!
Remember, for all self-paced programs, Scouts should submit their work to the chickasawvirtualmb@gmail.com address. Once we review their work, we will e-mail a blue card, indicating the completed requirements. Cub Scouts parents and guardians can sign off on all Cub Scout adventures, but we would love to see some pictures (e-mail them to photos@kiakima.net)!
Camp at Currier or Kia Kima Now!
Have you been missing the outdoors? Are you itching to go camping? Well, we have some good news for you! Camp Currier and Kia Kima are both now open for family and troop camping. Simply click the link to request a site at either of the Chickasaw Council's camps. Once you submit your request, we will be in touch to help set up your adventure!

Coming to you, wherever you are!