June 5, 2020 

Dear Friends,

I hope that this message finds you safe and well, making your way through these very challenging times as best as can be expected.  We so miss being together in person as a community, even as we continue to find connection and strength in virtual gatherings and other kinds of joint projects that keep us bound to one another.  Thank you to our outstanding staff, lay leadership, and volunteers for creating and executing a wide variety of online religious services and programming which will continue into the summer and beyond!  Our first step in resuming limited, in-person activities at TIC will be the initiation of evening minyan beginning on Sunday, June 14.

While moving towards a partial re-opening brings with it optimism and hope, it can also be difficult for those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus and thus least likely to return to shul anytime soon - often the oldest and youngest members of our congregation.  We will continue to offer programs both in-person (when possible) and virtually to make engagement accessible to all and will promote multiple pathways to enable meaningful participation in the life of our synagogue.  Every single member of our community is valuable and important, ones joining us online no less so than those coming slowly back into our building.  

Based upon information from the CDC and State of New York, and in consultation with members of this community who are physicians and public health specialists, the Re-Opening Task Force has worked to develop safety protocols and procedures which can be found here   along with important information as to how our evening minyan will be constituted and run.  As always, we are available for any questions and concerns that may arise.  Once we can execute evening minyan safely and well, we will then move towards re-opening for Shabbat morning services via Livestream, hopefully towards the end of the month.

Thanks to our Coronavirus Re-Opening Task Force for working to navigate thoughtfully and safely all of these issues; we look forward to your continued suggestions and feedback as we work to make our operations safe, seamless, and inclusive.   

Even while apart we remain T.I.C. - together in community,
 Rabbi Annie Tucker                      Yael Slonim                          Audrey Samers 
 Senior Rabbi                                  Executive Director             President