When Electrical Engineers design a "full-color" electronic display, the usual primary design challenges includes such things as increased BRIGHTNESS and COLOR GAMUT.........BUT, CIRCADIAN DISRUPTION IS NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.

The graph above shows the 3 spectral output bumps of the blue, green and red pixels of a typical electronic display. The blue, green and red pixels are PURPOSELY spectrally positioned to enhance brightness and color gamut.

Unfortunately, the blue and green pixel's spectral outputs coincide and overlap GREATLY with the "circadian disruption" action spectrum, also called the "meltopic curve".

For evening hour usage, turning-off the electronic display's blue pixels can help, but the green pixels are also a problem.

If you are looking at any kind of unfiltered electronic screen during the evening hours, you are experiencing circadian disruption to one degree or another.

We sell eyewear that can remove the "spectral caffeine" that is purposely added into the engineered-enhanced-light emitted from your electronic screen.