Whither Armenia?
Risks and Prospects for the Future
Dr. Alexander Iskandaryan
This event will focus on the genesis and the consequences of the power transition that happened in Armenia just under a year ago. What paved the way for such abrupt changes in Armenia? What are the challenges facing the new elites, and what trends can we expect to see in Armenia's domestic and foreign politics in the coming years?
Alexander Iskandaryan is a political scientist and Director of the Yerevan-based Caucasus Institute. His areas of study are ethnopolitical conflicts, post-Communist transformation, and nation building in the former USSR, with special focus on the South and Northern Caucasus. He has extensively lectured and published on democracy; conflicts; formal and informal institutions in a transition setting; the building of post-Soviet identities; migration; regional integration; media development and the formation of public discourses. Under his guidance, the Caucasus Institute engages in research and advocacy, organizes public debates and scholarly events. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019
4:30-6:00 pm

Lindner Family Commons, Room 602
Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E St NW
This event is on the record and open to the media.
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