March 2016
Making the Case for Tech-enabled Meetings

The Best Way to Wrap Your Head Around Event Technology

Ten Criteria For Choosing The Right Core Event Tech Providers

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April 13th
Technology - Attendee Experience Trumps Organizational Efficiency
, over the past 10 years, our company has done quite a bit of consulting with leading event technology providers. For consulting clients who host conferences and tradeshows, we often advise them on their event technology choices and help them short-list vendors to investigate.

Here are some of our key event tech strategic learnings:

1. Anchor Systems  - The three most critical technologies in events are the ones that catch the data. These include registration, exhibit and session/speaker information. Choose these wisely and for the long-term.

2. Business Results - All event technology choices should deliver improved results in at least two of four areas: 1) attendee experience 2) amplification 3) customer intelligence 4) processes and efficiencies.

3. Not Aligned - Conference/trade show business models and processes are usually very different than the organizer's core business. If you have one large event a year, the benefits of a deep integration with your core CRM or AMS will likely never be realized.

4. Don't Customize - If you customize an anchor system (vs. configuring), you're screwed. Switching cost is going to be long, painful and expensive.

5. Decision Making - We've seen plenty of CIO and IT professionals, responsible for tech choices, totally not get items 1 - 4 above. Make sure your choices are made by an event business owner with a technology advisor, not the other way around.
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Do Not Let Your Legacy AMS Kill Your Conference
Here's a newsflash for your IT department: Technology that is built for purpose (registration, expo sales, speaker management, etc.) does not need to integrate with your legacy association management system (AMS) in order to be implemented. Read that again! It's true and something you need to understand before your AMS kills your conference.

Recently, some thought leaders in the event industry have begun talking about event-technology stacks to describe how the wide variety of platforms and apps for events might be organized and analyzed more holistically. The stack approach provides event organizers with some compelling abilities and opportunities.

anchor3Ten Criteria For Choosing The Right Core Event Tech Providers

How do you choose which core event technology providers you're going to use? Core event technologies include your registration system, online event website and electronic marketing, event eCommunity, exhibitor sales management, tradeshow floor plan, lead retrieval, event management, event mobile app and others.

It's hard to believe. Not much has changed with regards to the software selection process in the last two decades. Today, as it was way back when, price seems to always get more importance than necessary in finding the right software to address the needs of an organization. In this article,   
Meeting professional face a tall technology order today.  More conferences are placing a high priority on using technology that not only improves the attendee experience, extends its reach, and streamlines processes, but fits into their organizations' overall digital strategy. It's a tall order for meeting professionals.