August 2020

We have received word that the Federal Way School District has "paused" rentals of school facilities. With this door closed (literally) to our auction scheduled for October 10, we are exploring other options. We will be sending out an email about this once we work out the details.
Meanwhile, the clothing drive is still underway and has been extended through December 31. We have been blessed with many donations and have accumulated over 10,174 pounds. Shelley Pauls, who heads up "We Love Our City," held a clothing drive during August for employees at Alaska Airlines, which contributed about 2,500 pounds toward our total. She is pictured above during one of her multiple drops of (heavy!) bags. We appreciate all of her hard work in coordinating this effort! We are still looking for more clothes, shoes, purses, belts, linens, drapes, bedding (no pillows), towels, and anything fabric-y. Donations can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, in front of the garage or under the porch if it's raining. Please pass the word to your family and friends. Thanks for your help!

After seeing the success of the radio program in Johannesburg (see article below), other radio stations have also allowed free slots for Reach4Life programming. Thomas Mkhize, Durban coordinator, now has a radio slot every Monday on the Imbokodo Community station, FM 96.8,  which caters to the Zulu Community in Pietermaritzburg, Pinetown, Nanda and other communities around Durban. It has a listening audience of about 200,000 people. Thomas goes through R4L lessons and takes questions and prayer requests. After hearing about it on the radio, R4L youth groups have been launched in an additional fifteen churches.

Pictured above is Lizzy Fakude. She shares: "I'm 17 yrs old. My friend told me about a cool youth show at our local Radio station I started tuning in beginning of July. The first lesson I heard was "how can I be sure God exists?" Thomas shared wonderful stories about God, Jesus's death and resurrection. At the end of the show he gave out a number for those who need R4L Bibles, I called in and they took my home address. The next day my R4L Bible was delivered to me. I have not been able to put it down since. Now I have a group of friends that come to my house so we can listen together and they too have received their R4L Bibles."  


South Africa has about 50 percent of all COVID-19 infections in Africa, with a reported 622,551 cases and 13,981 deaths as of Sunday. Thandeka (Thandy) KaMavundla-Nzama reports: "Our teams in all regions have initiated platforms (Zoom, radio, Facebook, Youtube) that have grown and are now producing great results. We are slowly moving back to the field as opportunities allow, while observing regulations. Please continue to pray as the number of infections and deaths is still high, especially among pastors, who become infected while at funerals."
We thank Highlands Community Church in Renton for their special offering to purchase thermometer guns for each of the 360 program workers. The Reach4Life ministry qualifies for a South African government program (through Vuwa Holdings) that provides discounted fumigation services, thermometers, and sanitizers to faith-based organizations. Because of the discount, teams will also be able to buy 5-litre containers of sanitizer along with the thermometers. The products will be delivered free within the country. Thandy notified churches involved with R4L that they also qualify to receive free fumigation for their churches. The cost of fumigation has kept many churches from meeting, but this should help remove that roadblock and further strengthen the relationship that the R4L teams have with the local churches. Thandy says "I just love how God works!" Coordinators in Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho have identified affordable stores which can provide their supplies locally.

Mpumi Mbhele, age 17 (left), shares "Someone tagged me a R4L Facebook page, I started following the weekly lessons. It's been a very depressing time with Covid-19 in my family, we have lost a lot of family members. I felt very down and scared. The Facebook lessons are direct and very clear on who is our strength and hope, that is Jesus Christ. I am no longer afraid because I know who I am and who I belong to. Receiving my R4L Bible was a bonus. I have started my own group of teens in my community and I want to be a R4L peer educator. This program is a need and it must not stop until every young person in Africa has a Bible in their hands like me."

Ajay Nhantumbo, age 16 (right) says, "I live at Chibuto district, Gaza Province in South western Mozambique. I saw a link on my Facebook page about Reach4Life. I checked it out and it had great lessons that I needed. I am a full follower of the R4L Facebook group and every lesson they teach helps me a lot. They gave me the R4L Mozambique coordinator details and I reached out to him he came and brought me my R4L book. Even my English has improved just by reading my R4L Bible. This book answers questions that are difficult and teaches us youth the truth and challenges us to live pure sexual lives. I have made a choice to abstain till marriage and to follow Christ."


We shared in last month's newsletter about Soweto Peer Educator Tshepo Kgapane's hour-long radio program on Joyous Radio, which has an audience of about 145,000 people. Here are a few testimonies that have been received:  

Refiloe Mojake, age 16, says: "I thought I should write in and thank you for teaching on the subject "Tough Times" last week. Recently I lost my grandma who raised me up, I felt so lost and wanted to take my life. You shared on 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, on the comfort we receive in Christ. I felt a warm feeling all around me and I knew I was going to be ok."

Tebogo Mlaza age 18, says: "I had a baby last year and life has been very tough. The father ran away and I am left to raise the child alone, I dropped out of school and people have been talking about me and how I failed my parents, the show has restored my sense of being here on earth. I was planning to commit suicide because I felt so useless. But the reality bite lesson on page 264 "Pregnant, now what?" healed me. I feel worth it and I now love my child and next year I am going back to school. R4L is the good news to us who are broken."


Ben Luthuli 12 yrs old (left) says,  "Reach4Life has taught me to believe in Christ as the only way to God. I have learned to do better with my school work and to choose friends that love the Lord and who won't get me into trouble. I listen to the R4L Radio program with my grandmother and 3 other older siblings. I am a child of God and I want to serve the Lord and be a good example to my other peers."

Lucas Shwabada, 14 yrs old (right) says, "My uncle is a Pastor, he told me about the R4L radio show at Imbokodo FM and I have been tuning since. I would have never asked anyone the questions I had or confessed to anyone the things I have been doing with my friends. But after listening to a few lessons and receiving my R4L bible I have changed from my not so good ways to a believer. Being a Christian is not as boring as I thought, actually it's the wisest thing to do. My life is changed and my behaviour has changed. Thank you for my bible and the cool show."

The current Rand exchange rate is still good at 16.55 Rand per dollar.
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