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Newsletter #8
June 24, 2020

Prayer Vigil against incinerator
Saturday, June 27 at 10 am at St. Joseph's Shrine on Hayes Avenue behind Church. Please wear masks, social distance and bring a lawn chair if you would like. Rain date, Sunday, June 28, at 1pm. Lawn signs will be available after the vigil.
Needed: Lawn Sign Volunteers
The Endicott VFW told us that we could use their location each Saturday between 11 am to 1 pm to distribute our lawn signs. If anyone is willing to help out this Saturday, email Ellen . We will let you know if this will happen in the Friday newsletter.

NEW! Car Decals . $5 each and available where the lawn signs are.
Press release sent out today:
Governor Cuomo asked to end Endicott nightmare – White Paper Details Risks . Click here to read
We Need Your Help
As noted in the NoBurnBroome.com newsletter that you received on Monday, June 15, the Mayor and Trustees Chapman and Konecny are FOR the Lithium-ion battery-incineration facility at the corner of Clark & Robble. It appears that they will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Letter Writing Campaign  

It is time to ask Governor Cuomo for his help. Whether or not we agree with his politics, we need his attention. We need as many letters as possible to be written to the governor asking him to save Endicott. We've been told his staff reads his mail, so to increase our chances that he is notified of our letters we need to write as many as we can.
Please join in and write a letter to the Governor. Express your personal hope that he saves our community from known human carcinogens that will be legally allowed to be released: 2,3,7,8-dioxin; Chromium(VI); Beryllium; Formaldehyde ( as listed in the Air Permit given to the facility three months ago ) and other highly toxic substances.
Letter Writing Guidelines
1-page letter and preferably handwritten
Send your letter to:
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Ask friends, family, even your children, young and old, to do the same. Thank you for considering this request.

Fight like you live here!
STOP-the Endicott Incinerator-NOW

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WEBSITE:           NoBurnBroome.com


Website:          NoBurnBroome.com

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