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Resilience Week VA 2023

Once a year & all for you!

Reset, Reconnect, Recharge

Support your members who have put hard work and effort into programming our 3rd annual celebration of resilience!

Click HERE to see the collection of events.

Feeling sluggish?

Join us in an open Zoom room

dedicated to movement.

No talking; just vibes!

Feeling fidgety?

Join us in an open Zoom room

dedicated to doodling.

Guided meditation with colors basically!

(also no talking; just vibes)

Feeling social?

Join us at Silver Head Meadery

for a Happy Hour Social

There will be talking, but also vibes!

Feeling introverted?

Check Facebook each day

from May 1 to May 6

for a reset, reconnect, recharge

book recommendation!

Books are available for free at our local libraries!

(absolutely no talking; just healing!)

Click AN EVENT to learn more and REGISTER.

TICN members Natalie Miller-Moore, Dr. Lynn Banez, Prell Gross, Shari Wiltshire & Fred Liggin are leading workshops to drive change, awareness and trauma-responsive action!

Special Thanks to:

Greater Richmond SCAN

Here for the Girls

Williamsburg Christian Church

Silver Head Meadery


FINAL planning meeting for Resilience Week VA 2023

MONDAY, April 24 @ 10 a. m.

Click HERE to access updates on programming & plans.

Feeling active?

Our local Parks & Recs and Libraries continue to provide a variety of athletic adventures - from walks, to yoga, to pickle ball, to soccer - and a variety of crafts and projects to engage your imagination!

Get up, Get Out, and Do Something!


Please, never hesitate to contact your TICN Coordinator - swiltshire@uwvp.org