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We focus on opportunities to show up for Trauma-Informed Care

Let's come together, reconnect & vibe!

Child abuse is preventable! Here's a chance to show up for children & to strengthen our families. We're invited to show our support at this kick-off event. Wear blue and join your fellow members at the TICN's vending table!

Contact your TICN Coordinator at [email protected] to ensure a successful collaboration!

Welcome Bruce Call, our new Member-At-Large on the Steering Committee!

Contact Bruce and let him know how he can help to steer the direction of the TICN

[email protected]

Bruce is Our Guy!

Bruce has been an active member of the GW-TICN by serving on committees and assisting with TICN-related efforts!

Bruce possess relevant knowledge of trauma-informed concepts and practices!

Bruce enjoys working in various capacities with Steering Committee members and feels very comfortable contributing & communicating his input!

Bruce will be a good liaison with the Court Services Unit!

Bruce has the ability to share and disseminate information within the legal discipline and with other community stakeholders!

He currently has established working relationships with other committee members and he is able to assist the GWTICN with achieving its strategic goals and objectives!



Zumba keeps Heather grounded and lowers her stress levels....

No matter what, she can depend on her fun, energetic, supportive group of women to laugh while they work out together!

I'm originally from New Jersey, but now I'm an Investigator at the Williamsburg Police Department, and one thing I like about the Trauma-Informed Community Network is that it's a group of individuals with different backgrounds who care about educating on trauma. The more we know, the more we can help and understand!

My psychology degree from CNU allows me to better understand people and why they may act the way they do and how to respond appropriately.

As a police officer I frequently see and interact with community members who are dealing with trauma. My role is to first ensure immediate safety of all parties, then to recognize the trauma and finally to get the persons in crisis to the right resources. In fact, all of us at the Williamsburg Police Department are Crisis Intervention Team trained and that means we can better help those going through a crisis. We maintain relationships with organizations who are doing the work in the community which keeps us informed on what might be adding trauma to a person’s life. 

Trauma shows up in my life through work, and so it's important to recognize signs and triggers of trauma, so that we can best be there to help one another. I try to keep my heart filled with joy and hope by having a positive mindset. Not everything is permanent - pain and bad days are temporary. I surround myself with a selective group of people who share the same positivity, and always look towards the sun when in the dark.

Lunch & Learn! Bring your own lunch and join your peers for an engaging conversation on

Thurs., March 16

We’ll discuss practical applications to developing trauma-responsive relationships in the workplace.

This free series is held at

The Maximum Building

5252 Olde Town Road

Register here


Click the banner image to RSVP for an event near you!

Join your fellow TICN members on April 2 at their vendors table after the play at the Stryker Center