What's Happening at
Unity Spiritual Center
Sunday March 18
10:30 Celebration Service
Rev. Marty
" Living the Paradox of Joy & Grief by Honoring the Heart"
Are you task oriented or relationship oriented ? Regardless of our natural inclination, we can learn to adjust so that we are more balanced to different situations and to different people.

9:00 am Mystic Meditation
With Rae Clauser 

10:30 am Children's Ministry
Easter Sunday Celebration Service
April 1 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Be sure to set your alarm a little bit
earlier on Easter Sunday !
Our Celebration Service starts at 10 am that day. It will be filled with special music and songs and and a joint presentation with Rev Marty and Rev Ron Fritts.
You won't want to miss the exciting Butterfly Release!
Thursday Night Meditations
March 15 and March 22 
7 pm in the Unity Room

Meditation in a Digital World  
With Ken Reed

How to stay mindful in your very busy, often overloaded daily lives.
March 29
7 pm in the Chapel
Classes & Events
Sunday, March 25 12 PM Self Inquiry Workshop
Rev. Dr. Martha will be the guest speaker for the Sunday service at 10:30 am and will facilitate the workshop immediately following the service. 
Have you put your happiness on hold -- Waiting for something/someone to change
so you can be happy?  
“The Work” is a simple and deeply transformative process that is helping people around the world approach their stress, guilt, shame and blaming patterns from a perspective of clarity and inner peace. It works for 100% of people who really want to know the truth. You cannot be spiritually mature without emotional maturity.
Free YourSELF! NOW!        
This workshop is for everyone on a path of SELF realization.
Practicing Transformation Class
April 8, 2018 - 12:00 PM Unity Room
with Nancy M. Casey
          We can GO through change, or we can GROW through change”    
  Whatever is happening in your life is providing an opportunity for your spiritual growth.
Learning how to face what presents itself, allows us to release fear and develop inner strength.
 Join Nancy for this highly effective experiential program using music and humor, to guide you through the process.    Based on her book Self-Transformation-Thriving Through Transition    
Love Offering Click Here To Visit Nancy's Web Site                                                                                       
Weekly Ongoing Events
Phone 747-848-7002 5844 Pine Hill Road Port Richey