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We help people create a living environment
that speaks intimately of those who dwell
there, honors the architectural legacy of
their home, and makes it an important part
of their own personal legacy.
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May 2012  
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 We value your referrals!

Happy clients and word of mouth referrals are important to our business.   When your friends, family and neighbors start working on their homes, please encourage them to call us for their design and consultation needs. 

If you are unsure about the scope of our services, call and ask us!   
Kiva Flower Stained Glass Detail
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It's Wedding Season!

Remember ART when shopping for gifts!  

My heirloom quality, hand-painted monograms make memorable and affordable gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come.  They are popular for weddings, anniversaries, to commemorate a birth or just a special gift for any occasion.

Roycroft Renaissance Monogram

Hurley Monogram


More options and details on my website.   

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Northwest Designer

NNWDC LogoWDC has a rich legacy as one of the founding groups of what became America's Studio Movement. The Studio Movement is what the Arts & Crafts Movement evolved into after mass manufacturing won out over hand-crafted production. I am proud to be a member of this historic group that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, while upholding the heritage of the hand-crafted in an over mechanized world. I am honored to be in the company of an amazing group of artists and craftspeople.

Roycroft Renaissance 
Master Artisan

Roycroft Renaissance LogoAs a Master Artisan of the Roycroft Renaissance, I have the honor and distinction of working to uphold an important part of America's artistic legacy, as well as the responsibility to keep alive the spirit of art as manifested throughout the ages. It is a rare opportunity and I see it as a great responsibility.

CJ press photos-Front view

"Creating paintings and interiors that fire the imagination, stir the deepest emotions, inspire the soul, and offer new things to explore upon each viewing is the most gratifying and satisfying thing I can do with my art."

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 Honoring Moms   
Mother's Day has passed, but really, every day is a good day to honor moms. We hope that all of you who are mothers had a beautiful and special day.

We are both very lucky to have wonderful Moms. Growing up, we both learned about working hard and doing what it takes from our moms (and our dads-but this is Mother's Day!).  In our adult lives, CJ's mom is the one we call with gardening and cooking questions.  Barbara's mom is the animal rescue expert and always has the answers for pet related questions.

But the best thing about both of our moms is that they are awesome mother-in-laws!  We each feel we are a complete part of both families and we love our in-laws like our own parents. We don't get to see them often enough since we are separated by 3,000 miles, but the good news is our parents live an hour apart and they get together without us!

Love to our moms and our best wishes to all of you who are mothers!

Irvington Home Tour
Arts & Crafts Architecture
and its Connection to Nature

Irvington Home TourThe 30th Annual Historic Irvington Home Tour is this weekend in Portland. 

We are pleased to have been invited as the guest speakers for this year's tour.

Ticket holders receive free admission to our program.  It is always an interesting tour and an fun way to spend a spring afternoon in Portland.  

"Arts & Crafts Architecture and its Connection to Nature" provides an overview of the International influences that affected the Arts & Crafts Movement. Special regard will be given to those influences that inspired Arts & Crafts architects to unite their designs with nature and ultimately to bring the outside in through decorative details.

Sunday, May 20th;   11am - 5pm

Lecture:  1:30pm; Holladay Park Church of God 

Lecture details here.  


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 Join Us in Eugene 
Northwest Designer Craftsmen artists are featured in two juried exhibits at Maude Kerns Gallery in Eugene, OR. Everyone is invited to the opening reception on Friday, May 25th.

Taiga In Green
Taiga in Green

Opening Reception 
Friday, May 25th 
6:00 - 8:00pm

Maude Kerns Gallery
1910 East 15th Avenue
Eugene, OR

On exhibit through June 29th

Guests are sure to be delighted by the work in the show. NWDC is a respected professional group whose artists produce work of the highest quality. Expect to see ceramics, woodwork, textiles, glass, mixed media pieces and paintings.

I have three paintings in the "Art of Northwest Designer Craftsmen" exhibit and am pleased to be among 14 artists accepted into this show.

In the adjoining gallery, 20 fellow NWDC artists will be exhibiting in the "Touchable" Show. NWDC has many incredibly talented artists and craftspeople and we're excited to see the work designed to be touched.  

Maude Kerns Gallery
We love the Maude Kerns Gallery, housed in a beautiful historic church on the edge of the University of Oregon.

Sleeping Porches:
perfect for humans,
dogs and summer!


Meet Princess Sasha!   




Those of you who know us well, know that we have always had a house full of dogs and cats.  






About a year ago, we lost the last of our 5 pets. They all lived to be quite old and brought a lot of fun, laughter and mischief to our lives.


In December, we made a trip to North Carolina and adopted Sasha from Barbara's mother. Sasha is a near endless bundle of energy and she needed a new home where she could get more exercise. We love her and she keeps us moving!   


Sasha Sleeping Porch Article



This winter, she was the star of the show, when we were interviewed for this article on Sleeping Porches. Both the writer and photographer are dog lovers and they were happy to have Sasha pose on the antique beds that furnish our sleeping porch




Portland Art Museum
Spring exhibit
PAM RSG The Portland Art Museum Sales Gallery Spring Show will be coming down soon. CJ has two pieces accepted by the jury and there is a lot of other work from an interesting & diverse group of artists. If you are in Portland, stop by and check it out.

CJ Hurley House on a Cliffside
"Cliffside House In The Mountains
Beyond Stangarten Dell";  2011

Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
1237 SW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR


Kids and ART!   

We are proud to be among the sponsors of this fabulous art program and exhibit for kids!



Kids Exhibit 

"Knock, Knock. Doors of the Imagination" 

over 75 paintings by kids  

grades 1-8



Special classes for the exhibit taught by fellow artist and art teacher extraordinaire, Sue Lau.  












on exhibit at the Architectural Heritage Center  

Portland OR 

through May 29th 



See photos of the kids class at the AHC here 


More photos from the opening reception here    


           Kids art opening

 From Dystopia to Utopia
We promise we are working on scheduling more screenings!  We've had some delays getting them set up. If anyone in Portland has access to a projector and sound equipment, we have great locations for screenings! We'll keep you posted on opportunities to see the film. NC, Buffalo, NY and other states are in the works too.
Big thanks to everyone
who has been enthusiastically calling and writing to let us know you want to see it!  Response so far has been incredible and we are so happy for the support.
RACC Logo color

This project was funded in part by a Grant from: 

If you are traveling to San Francisco in the next month, you should make sure this exhibit is on your agenda.


Aesthetic Exhibit 


The Aesthetic Movement was given a disreputable reputation by academics in the decades that saw the rise in popularity of the Arts & Crafts Revival.  Misinterpreting the original Arts & Crafts Movement's rallying cry of truth to materials and simplified design sensibilities, Aesthetic Movement designs were labeled grossly ornate by academics. A shame really, because the Arts & Crafts and the Aesthetic Movements were contemporary "sisters" in art that grew out of the Gothic Revival and attempted to reform a flailing design industry mired in the trappings of the past.  


Aesthetic ExhibitThey shared more in common than they shared differences, yet history left the Aesthetes in an air of suspicion not unlike that attributed to the "decadence" of Art Nouveau. But alas, maybe the world is now ready to see the Aesthetic Movement in a more true light, as a great moment in art history -- worthy of appreciation and deep study. The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde, 1860-1900 may help to pave the way...  


The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860-1900

Through June 17, 2012
Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 
More information here

Where to find us

If you visit the Pacific Northwest, you can schedule an appointment to see our work in our private home showroom

Here are other places to find CJ's art. 

Pasadena, CA

Portland, OR

Roycroft Copper Shop Gallery
East Aurora, NY

Our Greeting Cards are now available for sale in the Museum Shop at the  Architectural Heritage Center, Portland OR. and on our website.