January 23, 2018

Genealogy has always been of interest to me though I don't have the passion or patience to do the research required. Some members of my extended family have provided bits and pieces into the family tree, posing more questions than answers. I do know that I am 100 percent Finnish with both sets of grandparents born in Finland or in the old days, Finland/Sweden when the borders were different. The Finnish lineage carries--like most other lineages--good qualities and some not helpful. I continue to uncover some behaviors that have gone unquestioned. We are--all of us--raised blind to some degree about who we are and where we've come from and how we behave. For instance, I am very hospitable, like most Scandinavians, but I also realize that it is conditional--you need to call in advance, not outstay your welcome, reciprocate, to name a few. Other cultures have an open door where you are welcome to come any time without reservations, stay forever, and nothing is required in return. I wish I could learn to be that way. The core of this is about going with the flow of what life brings you and often you get gifts you'd never have imagined. At least I think that's how it is...

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Lynn LaFroth, editor
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Balanced Body Weight--Theta Healing Sessions by Conference Call
Release mental, emotional,  spiritual, physical blocks from your past lives and inherited through genetics that are stopping you from achieving a balanced weight. Increase metabolism when movement is difficult; clear lymphatic system to help your body release toxins. These are not journaling exercises nor coaching sessions. Two 2 hour deep transformative healing sessions, $57 - Use Code:  EW. Wednesdays 7:00pm  Jan 31st/Feb 7th. Thursdays 1:00pm  Feb 1st/8th. Saturdays  3pm  Feb 3rd /10th. Recorded if you miss the calls. Demo, Information, Sign up:  www.RoseLightHealing.com
Replenish Living
Ancient Wisdom, Modern LIving --Retreat, Renew & Replenish in 2018
From far Northern Minnesota to Rishikesh, India, Replenish Yoga & Wellness has a retreat to inspire your soul. Options include day-trip retreats, weekend getaways or an 8 to 10-day international adventure immersed in the cultural and spiritual richness of India!  Event dates, locations, registration information, pricing and travel details are available at    www.replenishliving.com    
Healing For Healers--Theta Healing Sessions by Conference Call
For Western & Eastern Healing Personnel. Release: trauma, attacks; feeling unsafe; blocks to gifts or speaking your truth; imposters/blocks to Higher Self/Guides/Creator; difficulty getting paid, deserving issues, prosperity lack, sacrifice issues, poverty vows; empath contracts- keep gifts without absorbing negative energies; negative beliefs, programs, fears and more that keep you stuck. Three 2 hour deep healing sessions $87, Use Code: EW. Tuesdays 2pm  Feb 6th/13th/20th. Sundays 7pm  Feb 11th/18th/25th. Recorded if you miss the calls. Demo, Information, Sign Up:  www.RoseLightHealing.com

Jan 26: Spiritual Discussion on Past Lives
Have you ever wondered if you've lived before? Join us for an open discussion on past lives from 7:00-7:45 p.m. Friday, Jan 26. Join us for one or both discussions. Bring your questions and share if you like. People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome. Temple of ECK, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen. Presented by the Minnesota Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR-The Path of Spiritual Freedom.  Eckankar-mn.org.  For more information call Jennifer at 952-368-2863.

Feb 10: Festival of Angels & Light
Intuitive readings, animal communication, card readings and more. Products include: gemstone jewelry, oracle cards, singing bowls, rocks, gemstones, charm pendants, energy wands, gem trees, books, and more. Plus 3 talks during the day. Free gift bags to first 20 guests. $5, 10am-5pm Saturday, Feb. 10, at  Farm, 15832 Co. Rd. 7, South Haven, MN. Info: www.earthwayfarms.com, www.facebook.com/earthwayfarm, 320.236.7852.
Feb 16-19: Winter Family Weekend
President's Day Weekend. Wonder, adventure and discovery for all! Embrace winter over the long President's Day Weekend. Treat your family to an all-inclusive 3 nights/4 days of discovery, learning and fun. This exciting family program offers age-specific and all-family program options to choose from. Whether you're looking for snow activities, skiing/snowshoeing, nature learning or quality family time, we have something for the whole family.
Audubon Center of the North Woods
near Sandstone, MN. 888-404-7743
Gypsy with Crystal Ball
Feb 24: Edge Life Psychic & Healing Symposium
85+ exhibitors include holistic healers, wellness products, intuitive readers, mediums, stones/crystals, jewelry, aura photos, unique gift items & more! 9:30 - 6:00. Free parking! Keynote speakers include Christine Day, Jurema Silva, Alison James. Earle Brown Center, Brooklyn Center, MN. Booths available. To exhibit:   dee@edgelife.net.  FFI: http://edgelife.net/psychic-symposium/tickets-speakers-psychic-symposium/
Feb 24: "The Learning Path" with Jurema Silva at Minneapolis Psychic & Healing Symposium
1-2:30 pm. Managing Negativity-Boosting Your Good Vibes. Amplify Your Intuition. Keynote speaker Jurema Silva is back with another enlightening and uplifting lecture. She will be interacting, guiding and teaching the audience on how to boost good vibes to repel and or reverse negative energies. Understanding and managing negativity are the keys to improve our entire life journey. Applying the right tools to avoid the effects of negative energies improves relationships, professional careers, self-confidence, and most important, increases the power of our intuition. Discount tickets>>
Cindy Lehman
Beginning Feb 28: Psychic Development Beginning/Foundation Class
Learn to consciously access your soul's guidance, clarity, purpose, and wisdom. Discover your abilities working with your body/soul partnership in this lifetime. Learn and practice: healthy grounding and structure, setting/maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, clearing your aura, energetic integrity, chakras, trance work, energetic letting go and creating, guidance, reading energy patterns and more to create the life you came here to live. Wednesday evenings, February - November. Cindy Lehman, 612-669-1861  cindy@cindylehman.com  www.cindylehman.com
Mar 9-11: Women's Renewal Retreat at Journey Inn, an eco-retreat
Enjoy a weekend of nourishing self-care: Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation). Restorative yoga with Kristina Ahern. Energy balancing techniques. Aromatherapy blending/self-massage & acupressure. Labyrinth ritual. Casual, fun art projects. With Charlene Torchia & restorative yoga class with Kristina Ahern. $475 single (private room), $325 double occupancy/per person (shared room). Registration deadline: Feb 9. Includes: 2 nights lodging, 2 organic brunches and workshops. Maiden Rock, Wisconsin (1 hour from St Paul)  715-448-2424, Info@journeyinn.net  www.journeyinn.net
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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth