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 Lighting Trends in Construction

If you have designed or built a construction project in the last few years, you can personally attest to how fast the trends and technologies in lighting have changed in a short period of time.  Keeping on top of the changes is an important part of electrical contracting these days.  Even on a plan/spec project, a lot of the design and planning necessary to make complicated lighting systems operable falls on the shoulders of the electrical contracting team.
     No longer are lighting systems "plug and play."  Contractors are encountering new products and new controls on every project.  New technologies, faster product development, controls networking, changing energy codes, energy rebates and tax incentives as well as research on the health impacts of lighting all impact lighting design choices. They can also at times create disruption in the industry.
   More changes are on the horizon.  Over the next 5-10 years, we expect to see growth in power over ethernet (PoE), using low voltage rather than line voltage to power your lighting.  This will allow lighting power and controls to act as one entity, and is seen as an improvement over  the dual-voltage systems we use today. 
   At Aschinger, we work with our lighting partners to stay on top of the latest trends and training.  This allows us to make the recommendations that best serve your project, and to make sure that you can take advantage of all of that the new technologies offer.
Thanks for reading!
Emily Martin
Aschinger Nominated

Project Spotlight:
St. Louis County Parks
28 light posts were installed at the St. Louis County Parks soccer fields in Creve Coeur via helicopter! The poles are 70' tall and buried 19 feet in the ground. Thanks to  our friends at Paric Corporation for calling on Aschinger!