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# 4 / 2016 
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Ron Hock
I hope this newsletter finds you on your way to a relaxing summer. It's BBQ time and I'm thinking about what the next subject of intense grilling will be.

One bit of news I'd like to share today: I recently joined the Board of The Krenov Foundation, whose mission is to promote the legacy of James Krenov through an online archive of his work, scholarships, and assistance for exhibitions. 

You might already know that speaking in public, being on boards and committees, and such is generally not my thing.  But so few non-profits support the craft of woodworking that I thought it time I became more of a participant. 

And, now, I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to offer hard cash to help woodworkers go to school, or to generally advance the craft of woodworking. In a short three years of existence, TKF has given over $15,000 in scholarships and grants and we're working on more. I see that as very cool! 

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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416-Photo Album, Ward Shrake's Finished Block Plane.
In this issue:
Q&A: Ron Answers a Question about a Clogged Bench Plane 
Advancing Handtools: A Sampling of What's Out There: 7 Schools that Teach You Plane Making
Hock Tools Photo Album:  Ward Shrake's Hot Rod of a Block Plane - Validating Hobbies & a Love of Hand Tools       
Q&A: Ron Answers a Question about a Clogged Plane
416-Q&A, Ron Answers Question about Clogged Plane, Banner.
Because we make tools, we get questions about woodworking. Stands to reason when you make tools for woodworkers. Sometimes we get questions about a tool not working to expectation, whether the tool in question is a Hock Tool or not. In this case, we never really knew whether the Stanley #5 was fitted with a Hock Tools replacement blade and breaker, a blade only, or one of our breakers. No matter, the problem of a plane not cutting because it is clogged is fairly common, can happen to anyone, and is vexing. Ron offers some advice on how to avoid this affliction in this Q&A column in Sharp & to the Point.

416-Q&A, Ron Answers a Question about a Clogged Plane, Photo of Stanley #5 with Shavings from The Perfect Edge.

Q: I'm having trouble getting my old Stanley #5 to cut properly. The place where the shaving is supposed to curl up and out keeps getting clogged and the plane stops cutting. 

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Advancing Handtools: 7 Schools that Teach Plane Making
416-Advancing Handtools-7 Schools that Teach Plane Making Banner.
When we put ourselves into our tools, i.e. build a relationship with our tools, then what we put into our tools gets added to everything we make, every time  - Kevin Drake, Glen-Drake Tools
Typically, woodworkers who make their own handplane find building and using their self-made planes an extremely satisfying experience. Not only because they build a tool for themselves, but they discover that the wood handplanes are more immediate and to-the-touch than metal planes. Of course metal planes have their many uses-no doubt. However, using wooden handplanes- especially ones you molded to your own hands - are unlike a generic manufactured metal plane in that they help a woodworker become facile, not only at planing and shaping wood but also with tuning the plane and becoming fluid in its use -- both "at-one" with the tool and the work at hand.

416-Advancing Handtools - 7 Schools Teach Plane Making, Slew of Planes from Kevin Drake's class at Marc Adams School.
If you are interested in taking a class in making wooden handplanes, keep your eyes on the Internet. Some schools or individual teaching woodworkers teach plane making as part of a 2-day, one week or several month program. It's worth your time to go online and look around for a school that suit your needs. Although not a complete list-some courses are not yet listed, or were recently held-below is a sampling of what's out there at 7 different schools:

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Hock Tools Photo Album: 
Ward Shrake's Hot Rod of a Block Plane

416-Photo Album, Back End of Plane for Banner

416-In-this-Issue, Ward Shrake's Drawing II.

416-Photo Album, Front End of Plane for Banner

S ometime in March, Ward Shrake purchased the Hock Tools #KF150, a Block Plane Kit. He sent me a picture of his plane project as he proceeded, the ends all rounded and plump, the blade shiny and bright like I've never seen! A one-time Air Force Data Systems Analyst, Ward Shrake is a now woodworker who is also a long time scale modeler working in a variety of materials. He writes reviews and how-to articles for various modeling magazines and is a dedicated 1:1 scale hot-rod modeler, which means Ward Shrake is apt to trick-out just about anything, including our Hock Tools 01 tool steel plane blade! Ward explains here how things shaped up with his first wooden plane kit...                                                                                 -- Linda at Hock Tools

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