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We need your voice at the table.
IPAY is accepting applications for new members of the Showcase Selection Committee until March 22, 5pm EST. 


The IPAY Showcase Selection Committee comes together for three days in June every year in Philadelphia, PA to review over 100 applications of artistic companies and individuals creating performances for young people of all age ranges and genres. IPAY serves a wide range of global professionals, each serving their own unique audiences. As such, every effort is made to select a variety of professional performing arts for young audiences with diversity of form, genre, aesthetic, age range, audience capacity and intent.


The Selection Committee is comprised of professionals in the field of performing arts for youth, including accomplished artists and artistic or programming directors, arts education directors, and children's festival directors, along with the Selection Committee Chair, Board President, and Executive Director of IPAY. Committee Members typically serve one 3-year term, with an option for a 2nd, 3-year term. IPAY's Selection Committee members bring varied experiences and perspectives to the table, and we strive to represent a diverse and inclusive cross-section of the international field of performances for young people and families. 

If selected, you would officially join the Selection Committee in May just prior to Showcase Selection meetings in mid-June at the site of the upcoming Showcase. 
"Selection Committee was actually my starting place with IPAY."

" I remember coming in as a first-timer and what a great experience it was to share and debate with colleagues from around the world. I didn't appreciate it as a new committee member at the time, but I always love every year when we bring different perspective into the room with new first timer selection members."

Boomer Stacey, IPAY Executive Director and Selection Committee Member

Q&A: Selection Committee Application Guidelines Explained!

I am an early or mid-career professional. Am I eligible to apply?
A: Yes! Professionals in the performing arts for youth sector, including artists, educators, presenters, are invited to apply at any time in their career.

Q:  Do I have to be an IPAY member?
A:  You do not need to have a current membership to apply, but you must be willing to join IPAY as a member if you are invited to join the committee.

Q:  What if I've never attended IPAY Showcase?
A:  We strongly suggest that all applicants attend Showcase for at least one year before applying for the committee, but some exceptions will be made if the applicant has extensive knowledge in the professional field of touring performances for youth.

Q: Do I have to attend Showcase if I join the Selection Committee?
A:  We ask that all committee members attend Showcase for the years they serve on the panel.

Q: Who pays for Selection Committee Members to attend meetings?
A: The committee member or their organization assumes overall responsibility for travel, accommodations and out-of-pocket expenses associated with attending meetings in June and Showcase in January.

Q: How do you define "accomplished"?
A: Broadly! Committee members are expected to be knowledgeable in areas specific to our criteria and relevant to a wide range of professional performing arts for young audiences. Members are required to provide feedback as part of the Selection process and may be asked to be available to offer additional feedback directly to applicants after our June meetings. 

  Selection Committee Member, Hakan Silahsizoglu, attending Showcase 2019 | images by Kate Raines
Required Application Materials due by March 22, 5pm EST
2. Current resume
3. Letter of reference from an individual supporting your application

Please return Application Form, resume and any letters of support attention to IPAY Executive Director, Boomer Stacey at
For more information on IPAY and the Selection process and committee go to:

Showcase 2019 images by Kate Raines
Warmest wishes from the whole IPAY Staff and Board of Directors!
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