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We now have a calendar on our website so you can keep current with what we are doing. 


Some upcoming events include:


September - the launch of "Try on a Disability" 


October: Vancouver Film Festival in October (we hope to feature our new film, see below)


November: We are planning a gift and craft show at the Kinsmen Centre in Aldergrove - watch for more details.


Stationary Bike needed


Two of our clients are looking for stationary bicycles to be able to do some exercises. As those are not considered to be fundable items they have to purchase them themselves. Since their income is very limited they do not have the extra dollars necessary. 


If you have one that you are not using and would like to donate it, please call Zosia at 604-961-0117 or email her here.


We're making a movie!movie


The film we are making called "Try On A Disability" is almost completed and will be entered in the Vancouver Film Festival. In the fall we will have the launch - a very special invitation only event on September 19th.  


We have 2 new songs that have been written for the film and they will be debuted at the concert at the "Langley 2-4" event on Saturday July 14th. (see right or click here)



We are always striving to keep our members and partners like you educated! 


We hosted a seminar with the Senior Resource Centre on the HAFI grant (to make accessible changes to your home) on June 13th. It was a really great time together and so much was learned! Please consider joining us the next time!


You can see all our events on our calendar.


Langley Pos-Abilities Board Members


Zosia Ettenberg - President Email 


John Hubbard - Vice President and working with our equipment donations Email


Ruth Austin - Secretary / Treasurer Email


Ken Hinton - Director Email 


Toni-Anne King - Director and print designer Email 


Tracy Boyd - Director and working with communications and photography and internet Email 


Travis Moore - Director Email 


Contact us:
Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
Langley, B.C. V2Z 1N6


We hope you are doing well. We love the fact that we can stay in touch through newsletters like this!


We've had an exciting couple of months with being appreciated in the local newspapers, updating our website, adding some fabulous photos, and even more exciting, hosting some fabulous events including some very generous donations! Keep reading to find out more...


On June 4th we had our Second AGM and elected our new Board. Every month we will feature a little info about each one. Here are your new Board Members (contact information on left side bar)!


Zosia Ettenberg - President 

John Hubbard - Vice President and working with our equipment donations 

Ruth Austin - Secretary / Treasurer

Ken Hinton - Director 

Toni-Anne King - Director and print designer 

Tracy Boyd - Director and working with communications and photography and internet

Travis Moore - Director 


We were fortunate enough to have two tickets to Cirque Du Soleil in Abbotsford donated to us from the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre which we are raffling off. Look for the details under the "In the News" headline or click here.


If you have any questions, please let us know!


Make it a great day!



Hot off the Press!


We are so excited about the latest news article written by the Ministry of Development  and we couldn't wait to share it with you!

Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux announced that government is restoring a number of medically necessary medical equipment and supplies for clients on income and disability assistance. 

Read more here...

There are more articles to view, see below or click here.
Thank you!


Each month we want to share with you a little bit about our valued board members. This month we interviewed Ruth Austin, our Secretary/Treasurer.


Ruth was born on a Saskatchewan farm and had 15 siblings. All her schooling - from grades 1 to 12 was in a 4 room school! Unique to the school was a segregated basement for recreational purposes; the boys being on one side of the divider and the girls on the other.


She was married and had 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. In 1972 they moved to Sicamous and then in 1980 she and her children moved to Langley. From 1980 to 2012, she watched the transition of the city from semi-rural to a cosmopolitan hub. After her retirement she decided that she wanted to volunteer and chose Langley Pos-Abilities after reading an article in a Langley newspaper. 


Ruth states that she has never regretted that choice, and neither have we. This is her second year as Secretary/ Treasurer and she looks forward to continuing her involvement.

Langley 2-4 EventEvent

July 13,14

Langley Events Centre 


The attempt to break several Guinness World Records will take place with a 24 hour relay for electric vehicles which includes power chairs and scooters etc. There will also be a parade of electric vehicles to break that record. 


We have arranged with HandiDart to designate this as a special event so they are putting on more buses for any participants that need a ride to the Langley Events Centre on Saturday, July 14th for 12:30 PM. Bookings have been extended and can be reserved now. If you have any issues with booking call Linda at (778) 772-4431 and she will help you out. 


WE NEED YOU THERE to break the record! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE DISABLED YOU ONLY HAVE TO DRIVE AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE. We have several extra vehicles so if you want to participate in this record breaking event contact Danny at Category 5 Productions, 604-313-8951 to reserve your vehicle. 


The purpose of the event (besides breaking the records) is to raise money for Langley Pos-Abilities Society so please come prepared to make a donation. For more details check out the website.


Immediately following the parade (2 pm), will be a concert (see below) - admission is by donation. All the performers have donated their time and talent to support Langley Pos-Abilities Society. Come and listen to music from:


The Langley Concert Band

Website: Langley Concert Band

Jillian Mandy-Hart - second place winner of the 2012 Langley Has Talent Competition


Lance King - performing the 2 new songs from "Try on a Disability", among others


Steve Elliot - Top Elvis Tribute Act 

Website: Elvis Elite 



In the Newsnews


Over the past month we have had a lot of exposure in our local papers. Since mid-May we have been in the Advance, the Times, the Aldergrove Star, The Peace Arch News and Langley Snap for the different events that we participated. This link takes you to an article that Zosia wrote and was published in the Langley Times. 


Please go to our Pos-Abilities website where you can read all the news articles!
One thing that we are really excited about is our inventory. This week we are taking pictures of everything that we have received which is up for distribution. We set up the website several months ago but had not gotten it done yet. Here is the link and we expect that list to be populated by July 15th. 



We received two tickets to Cirque Du Soleil in Abbotsford which are being raffled off. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Contact one of our Board members if you would like to purchase them. The email addresses are in the process of being set up and will take a few more days to complete the setup. Click here to learn more about Cirque Du Soleil.