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March 2020 Edition
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What's Inside an Ice Pack?
Unintentionally swallowing some of the liquid in an ice pack can cause minor effects such as mouth irritation. However, depending on the ingredients and the amount swallowed, ice packs do have the potential to cause toxicity.  Learn more...
Bird of Paradise Plant: Beautiful & Safe
The bird of paradise plant is considered relatively safe after a small, unintentional ingestion. However, swallowing a large piece could lead to choking or dehydration. Learn more...
Is Micellar Water Safe?
Micellar water is a cosmetic product used to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the face. Its main ingredient is water. It is unlikely that a small amount of micellar water will result in poisoning if it is swallowed or used on skin.  Learn more...
How Dangerous is Pepper Spray?
Pepper spray is a lacrimator, a substance that causes intense irritation to the eyes, skin, and lungs. Its effects are generally mild and resolve fairly quickly. More severe effects require medical evaluation.  Learn more...
How to Prevent and Treat Stingray Injuries
Stingrays have long, thin tails with barbed venomous blades. Although they are generally shy, they may strike when stepped on. Their venom causes intense pain, but the main risk of a stingray injury is the puncture wound.  Learn more...
Clenbuterol: Unapproved and Unsafe
Clenbuterol is widely misused for possible anabolic effects, despite not having FDA approval for human use. Even at relatively low doses it can cause tremors, high heart rate, low blood potassium, seizures, and cardiac arrest.  Learn more...
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