November 2013 

Welcome to EverGift 2013!

Our mission and strategy to create opportunity for those in need is stronger than ever! Discover the value added success of investing in social enterprise with EverGift.
We believe that quality social enterprise is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and economic disparity.  It is the mission of EverGift to accelerate the flow of capital to social enterprises utilizing the existing economy rather than charity or government platforms. Our mission connects donors who are passionate about social change with these worthy social enterprises. 

A Letter from EverGift Founders Mike and Matt

Dear Reader,


We invite you to join us in celebrating EverGift's 3rd birthday! Since 2010, EverGift has been supplying micro-loans to small businesses in impoverished communities throughout the world.  During this last year EverGift's strategy for international poverty alleviation has refocused specifically on providing loans to social enterprises.  


Smart loans provide lasting, sustainable growth and scale to social enterprises which raise living standards, improve education and its benefits, transform communities--therefore, unlocking prosperity. Please consider partnering with us in our global mission to alleviate poverty and empower individuals.  


Michael Douroux & Matthew Wanderer
EverGift Co-Founders

Where in the World...
Dominican Republic, Island of Hispa�ola
While most people think only of expansive sandy, white beaches, the Dominican Republic, which covers the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispa�ola, is so much more. Urban centers and rural villages alike pulse with the afro-latino culture, filling the island with the energy and movement that makes it unique.  The economic infrastructure of the island's sovereign nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, are still in the development stages.  This growth stage presents opportune conditions for social businesses to thrive, promoting sustainable growth and prosperity throughout communities.  
EverGift has recently established an office on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We will be working on the ground to support the growth of the best and brightest local social enterprise organizations.   EverGift is currently vetting successful non-profit and for-profit enterprises that have exponential capabilities. These organizations, with your help, can expand and improve their operations therefore, bettering the lives of individuals and communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Be sure to check our News page and Facebook for project updates and stories straight from the Island of Hispa�ola!

Welcome, New Partners!
Restore Health has joined the ranks in the fight against poverty.  EverGift would like to thank Restore Health for creating an EverGift under the Restore Health name. Restore Health considers their EverGift investment paramount in their mission to create a healthcare marketplace aimed at serving patients' unique, individual needs with quality care. Learn more about Restore Health and their mission to make custom care an industry standard. Like on Facebook. Like on Facebook.
The DREAM Project is an educational program catering to children living in marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic where illiteracy rates run among the highest in Latin America.  Complex problems, such as this require dedication to innovative solutions like those of DREAM.  EverGift is proud to have the support of The DREAM Project.  Visit The DREAM Project website to discover the dreams they foster.
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