Everlasting Blaze Signs Worldwide Management Deal with Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International 
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Everlasting Blaze is a band burning so brightly that the entire world is going to see, and more importantly hear, this amazing, symphonic metal outfit in very short order. Based in Italy, Everlasting Blaze radiates positivity, a passion for freedom, and most importantly - the artifact missing from the majority of music today - soul. Everlasting Blaze heralds a new era of female-fronted metal. Their signature stadium-sized sound combines the exceptional vocal range and talent of Marwa, the remarkable tone and hooks of guitarist Sadem, and is supported by the thunderous percussion of Fabio (no, not that Fabio). It is these assets, talents, and their songwriting ability that caught the attention of Shawn Barusch and Music Gallery International.

"I was drawn to them by their energetic approach to music," said Shawn. "I'm excited to work with them and get this ball rolling. Everlasting Blaze is going to light the industry on fire!"

Everlasting Blaze had this to say about signing with MGI,"We're extremely excited to be working with MGI and Shawn Barusch as our management. We believe that great things happen when you work with the right people, which is why we can't wait for what this partnership will bring. We have huge goals for 2017: We hope to release our record, to tour in the US, and hit the world. We believe this year will be amazing and we know that we'll reach all of our goals and more with MGI."

"I had the idea of Blaze," said Marwa,"because we have a flame inside. We are full of freedom and energy. We have a lot of energy and we want to share this. And Sadem had the idea of Everlasting - a blaze that is forever and for eternity. So it was to give energy and to have a really strong impact that lasts forever."

As for Everlasting Blaze's music, Sadem says, "For some songs, we just wanted to write about experiences and obstacles that we went through in life. There are people that create obstacles for you. They tell you that you can't follow your dreams. They think they know what is good for you. We want to remind people that whatever we go through each day, we need to think about our own existence, that we are here for a reason that we build ourselves. For example, in our song "Alone," sometimes we feel alone in this world, that no one can understand us. We just want to remind people that they are not alone, that other people also feel similarly sometimes. We need to stay strong."
Everlasting Blaze is:
Marwa : vocals, guitar
Sadem : guitar
Fabio : drums

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Zombie Town - Everlasting Blaze
Zombie Town - Everlasting Blaze

Watch Zombie Town off of Everlasting Blaze's self-titled 
Everlasting Blaze  is managed by Shawn Barusch and 
Music Gallery International 

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