Where's Waldo?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

We can't answer those questions, but we do know where Reut has been lately.

Wondering minds will find she wandered to the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. Part of her recent excursion included delivery of a sewing machine to a Tarahumara village.

Jeremi fixed the machine for free. Reut is headed back in November.

If you've got a sewing machine that needs a second life, there are people who really could make use of it. Bring your machine by, working or not. Jeremi will set it to running. Reut will run it across the border.

If you're feeling especially generous or you don't have a machine, we'll stake EverSewn Sparrow 15s under cost for this endeavor. That's right, $100 will send a new machine to folks who really could use of it. (Or chip in what you can.) We'll cover the price difference plus the freight and help defray Reut's expenses, too.
Some Tarahumaras believe that the afterlife is a mirror image of the mortal world and that good deeds should be performed—not for spiritual reward—but for the improvement of life on Earth.

Perhaps if Fred C. Dobbs had followed such a philosophy, things could have ended differently. But he didn't listen to Howard ... "As long as there's no find, the noble brotherhood will last but when the piles of gold begin to grow. . .that's when the trouble starts ... I know what gold does to men's souls."

In other news ...
An art world loss:
Farewell to Guerilla Girl Jane Kaufman, whose quilts and needle work worked to needle the powers that be.
We have tweaked our Sunday hours, due to popular demand -- now open Sundays from 11 to 4.
Have you heard?

Join us, on Saturday, July 24th when Hip Stitch turns 13.

If voices are telling you to drop by Hip Stitch, follow them.

It'll be a banner day for you with miraculous door prizes, refreshments and sale prices.

We'll stake our reputation on it being a hot time.

(We cannot be responsible for damages to your Walkman, however.)

With any purchase you will receive a raffle ticket. Every day from Monday July 26th through Friday July 30th, we'll be drawing our random numbered half of the raffle ticket (your half will be stapled to your receipt) and you'll stand to win a $100 gift certificate.

Mark your calendar,
Scissor drop offs start NOW!

Save 20% on EVERYTHING!
(A couple of exceptions, see store for details ...
No, you can't get a Featherweight for 20 percent off ...)

Watch for details of what else will happening.
Out of state? Immune system issues?
Saturday we'll have 20% off everything ONLINE too!
We're bringing back Craft Night!
4th Friday of the month
(unless it falls on a holiday, in which case, we'll be holiday-ing)
Starts in July. Let's get to know one another again!

Now that Reut's back, you may be able to make your own shibori fabric in one of her future classes.

In the meantime, we've got pre-cuts and yardage from the Tochi collection to tide you over. Not actually hand-dyed, but a suitable stand-in for many projects.

Winter is coming ...
Don't be draggin', or you may be throwing your iron for being late in the game.

You've G.O.T. to get busy. Christmas and Hannukah fabrics now in stock! By George, we are are markin' our calendars. You should, too.

Chicken or Veal, sure ... but cats?
If those were birds, much chattering might be about to happen. Don't know what cats do when they see bats. This one seems content just to watch.

Black Cat Capers by Andrea Tachiera for Northcott consists of a panel and five festive fabrics, two with felines. If you're looking for a quick and relatively easy Halloween project, we've got this kitted, but running yardage, too. The panel means your project is done in a jiffy.

Get in the Spirit
This quilt is ready for Halloween. Are you?

Tim Holtz fabrics from the Regions Beyond line, make up the Lightning Strikes Quilt Kit. Cindy whipped up the sample.

Gorgeous Watercolor Batiks
We've got an assortment of colors. These are true batiks, so no repeat, just colors blending together or varying tones of monochromatic color.

Fabrics for Pre-order
Where did you go, Joe ...
What's that you say? Joltin' Joe has left and gone away? Fortunately, Janet Wecker Frisch has poured her creativity into this refreshing collection.

Shown here, just a choice taste of the collection to give you an instant take. Pour over the whole collection at the link below.

It includes several blenders you can stir into your next project. We'll be receiving this collection about September. Order now and save 20 percent. Now that's a deal to get perked up about.

Says Valori Wells of her new collection: "Enchantment arose from my experience of the magical color, intricate designs, and generous people I discovered in and around Marrakech. The colors of the city are intense and vibrant, from the rugs to the spices, they can’t be ignored.

"I absorbed the patterns surrounding me in the Moroccan tiles, wood and gypsum carvings, and paintings, and tried to capture the scenes that resonated with me in photos. Every inch of the landscape was a feast for the eyes

"Block printing with the young ladies of Project Soar - who use affirmations at the beginning of every session: I am Strong, I am Smart, I am Capable, I am A Leader, I am A Feminist - reminded me of my own words of affirmation.

"This collection is my physical representation of these personal inspirations and experiences. I hope Enchantment inspires your own creative experience.”

Gingiber "Words to Live By"

The blocks on this panel measure about 11 by 11. The rest of the collection features poppies along with interesting geometrics and botanical prints.

If you (or somebody you know) needs a bit of inspiration or encouragement start right here.

It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit
Rock Bottom Remainders ...
From Jeremi's Workshop:

Just in case ...
Your Featherweight, painted or not, will be snug as a bug in a rug in these soft cases.

Select from two colors, red or black. It is tough cordura nylon with a pockets on either side for pedal and accessories.

Now in stock.

Sunday Super Saver

Look for the big question mark at the bottom of our website homepage. Every Sunday, we'll have something on offer that is a MINIMUM of 33 percent off.

The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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