Every Child Needs a Champion!
Precious Youselande Desir is one of many kids awating sponsorship.
We are writing to you because you have traveled with us to Haiti, and you know first-hand the issues kids face there. One of the biggest problems they face is their health care, but we can take that off the table right now, with your participation.
You have probably heard about our Medical Adoption Program, and maybe you already sponsor a child yourself. For the amazing amount of only $10.00 per month, you can provide preventative as well as responsive health care to a child in Haiti. Currently we have 159 kids sponsored in the program. While that is great, we have another 91 kids enrolled, but awaiting sponsors. Beyond that, we have another 250 kids ready to enter the program. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link that explains the program: http://www.haiticheri.org/sponsor .
We're launching our Every Child Needs a Champion campaign. Since you've been to Haiti, and since you cannot ignore the need, we invite you to be a champion for a child. It involves advocating for three kids.You can be a champion for three kids, and change their lives in the process! All you need to do is to find a sponsor to commit to $10 per month for these kids.
We're just introducing the program now, and we're asking you to pray about how you can be involved. Have you sponsored a child yet? If not, you can do so now! We know you have a voice and we're asking you to use it to speak for the voiceless in Haiti. In the next few weeks we will be providing you with the tools to help you be a champion for three children. There will be web links, social media material, and videos you can share with your friends. You can be a voice for kids who need a champion and through your action, you may well save a life.
Stand by for more news, but in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you be a champion for a child!
Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries
Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries
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