It is our goal to get every student at our partner schools out into their school garden this growing season. Why? Because they deserve it, we all do. After being cooped up for a year, children need more opportunities to:

....step away from the computer
....get outside and move their bodies in the fresh air
....interact and connect with nature
....participate in hands-on, experiential learning

If this feels important to you, please join our Every Child in a Garden campaign. We don't charge families for participation in their school garden, but it does cost $15 per student for us to run our program (gardens + curriculum + support).

If you have a child in one of our 20 partner schools, please consider a $15 donation on their behalf. With equity in mind, you could double it to cover the cost for a family that can't afford it this year (or even pay for the whole class). A recurring donation would let us know that you are in it for the long haul.

It is not enough to provide thriving gardens, which we do in spades! (pun intended) Teachers need support and training to implement garden-based lessons, and we need teacher input and community support to do this well. Teachers, you are invited to fill out this form so that we know how best to serve you.

Hang in there friends! We see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Teachers, we're here to help!
As we move through what will hopefully be the last semester of COVID-impacted teaching, we plan to support teachers with as much flexibility as possible. With the absence of parent volunteers, our staff is available to help teachers find creative ways to get their students outside for some garden exploration and learning! Contact Lindsey.
We would like to welcome the Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation to the Garden To Table family. This new funder believes that "opening children to the possibility of wonder, enjoyment and enlightenment through learning and observation allows them to live more productively." We couldn't agree more! Thank you to the entire Wolf family!
New Curriculum Coming This Fall
This winter, Laurel (Garden Director) and Lindsey (Program Director) have been crafting hands-on, inquiry-based lessons for our new curriculum. Beginning in the fall, these lessons will help bring new standards to life for the students in our partner schools. 

This dynamic duo coordinates the garden designs with age-appropriate lessons and tasks. The ability for an entire school to make use of one small garden throughout the growing season is what makes this planning so tricky and important!
SchroderHaus is First to Join our Recurring Donation Campaign
SchroderHaus offers marketing and communications for the natural products industry
We want to thank SchroderHaus for helping us to get every child in every grade in each of our partner schools out to their garden every year.

If you are committed to giving children recurring opportunities to grow in a garden, please join SchroderHaus in making a recurring donation today. It helps us a lot to know that your support will continue to come as we plan for the future!

And, it's easy-- just choose Recurring on our donation page. We suggest a frequency of Every 6 Months to correspond with our spring and fall programming.
Why practice crop rotation?
As we know, 2020 saw homeowners gardening in record numbers. If you or someone you know planted a vegetable garden last year, and you're planning to plant again this year, we strongly recommend rotating crops. Why? 

Members of the same plant family are usually vulnerable to the same types of diseases and insect pressures. They also draw the same nutrients from the soil. When members of the same plant family are grown in the same spot each year, pathogens have time to develop and insects remember where to return for a reliable snack. Soil fertility will degrade while this disease and insect pressure increases.

How does Garden to Table keep track of crop rotation in our twenty school gardens? We use a simple excel spreadsheet with color-coding for plant families and transfer this rotation to the garden maps we provide each spring to schools. 
Thank you Missy!
Please join us in celebrating our Dietetic Intern, Missy Meyers, upon her completion of a 580-hour internship with Garden To Table. Missy's contributions include working in our school gardens, harvesting and donating to food banks, creating nutrition education materials, filming our Nutrition Garden Lesson, and creating a Fall recipe booklet for our volunteers and donors. Her capstone project is a 4th Grade Garden Nutrition Unit with 10 hands-on lessons.
Thank you for your support during our 2020 year-end fundraising campaign. Thanks to Xcel Energy's generous contribution, we raised $18,500. Avery Brewing Co. added a layer of fun by donating beer for donors at the $100+ level. Did you know they have sparkling seltzer too?
Thank you to our Sponsors:
Solstice Sponsors: City of Boulder Human Services, Golson Family Fund  
Harvest Sponsors: The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Smith Family Fund, Fire Monkey of RSF Social Finance, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation
Blossom Sponsors: Avery Brewery Co., Benjamin Family Foundation, Lily's Sweets, Community Foundation of Boulder County, Xcel Energy Foundation, AEC Foundation, Dodge Family Foundation, City of Boulder Utilities, Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation
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