Mission of Divine Mercy
Faith, so that God May Act
 Monastery - Sanctuary - Retreat Center 

Bring Every Dark, Bitter and Painful Experience
When you bring to your Mass all that you have experienced ---your whole life story---
you allow Me to redeem those things that are most dark, bitter, and painful by taking them into the mystery of My sacrifice.

Come to the altar with your sins,
even with those of which you are most ashamed,
and I shall show you that I have already taken them upon Myself and expiated them in My Blood.

Come to the altar
with every troubled and broken relationship of your past,
with every betrayal, every failure, and every sacrilege,
and I shall cast all these things into the ocean of My mercy,
never again to be recovered or named or used by the Accuser against you.

From: When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

Saturday, Feb. 2
Feast of the Presentation of Jesus
This day is also know as "The Purification of Mary," and in some countries "Candlemas . " It is the day when people would bring a candle to have blessed. This blessed candle would be kept and used in the house for the next year. Father will be blessing candles at Mass, if you wish to bring one. We will not have a supply here, you are asked to bring your own.
[Also, we are expecting a large Saturday retreat group, so breakfast will be just for those making the retreat.]
Sunday, Feb. 3
Feast of St. Blaise
Father will offer the blessing of throats after the homily at Mass on Sunday for all who wish it.
The most heavily used piece of equipment at the Mission has to be Dave's skid steer. It lifts boulders, repairs washed out roads, moves mulch and gravel, levels parking areas, unloads trucks, digs holes and moves about anything that is too heavy for a couple of men to lift. About a month ago, Dave's original workhorse died on him as he was doing some work on Shepherds Hill. He didn't even have to shoot it, it just died of old age and hard labor.

The skid steer mechanic, who is called upon when Dave can't fix it himself, said that it had given us its best years and it was time to think about getting a replacement. That represented a big unexpected expense. But Dave is a pretty savvy horse trader. He looked at the possibilities and began some wheeling and dealing, which included being willing to kiss his tractor goodbye and some financial assistance from a generous friend of the Mission. And last week the new workhorse rolled through the Mission gates, ready for duty.
This past week we had a visit from three men who belong to a Catholic motorcycle group. They were visiting the Mission in preparation for bringing out their entire group and family members. One of our staff members gave them an introductory tour of the Mission, which included a visit to the Teocalli on Tepeyac Hill. As they stood in front of the altar at the Teocalli, one of the men,visibly moved, with tears rolling down his face said, "This is truly holy ground."
for Fr. John Mary

Friday Mass - 8:30 AM

Saturday Mass - 5:30 PM
Confession - Saturday, 4:30 PM

Fr. John Mary's Homily for Jan. 20


Encounter With Jesus
Feb. 7-10 Women - English (full)*
Feb. 21-24 Women - Spanish
Mar. 7-10 Men - English
Mar. 21-24 Women - English

May 23-26 Women - Spanish
Jun. 6-9 Men - English

Cor Jesu Retreat
May 10-12 Women
June 21-23 Men

* If a retreat is currently full, please put your name on the waiting list. There are always last-minute cancellations .

In response to requests that we make giving to the Mission easier for people who don't carry cash, we have initiated a new credit card kiosk. It is located at the foot of road to the Chapel.
All donations, large or small are appreciated and put to immediate good use!

The Mission depends entirely on donations in order to carry out our ministry. We do not receive financial support from the Archdiocese.
Please pray to see if God wants you to help support His Mission of Divine Mercy.

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