The following articles and photos are filled wiith interesting stories of hope within our special YAG art fellowship.

It's my pleasure to send news of our brave warriors.





Valentine's Day 

Can Be 

Every Day!

Have you noticed the dramatic shift in our lives

and attitudes lately?


I bring good news from our YAG members. Many of us have witnessed a change in our hearts of late. We are more tender and caring. Yes, the pandemic has brought stress and difficult times for many of us.

However, we also observe extended LOVE, SHARING and much HOPE.

Rae sending very positive news and a optimistic outlook!

Our Friend, Rae Rylander,

Good news as follows...

 As you know I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer in December, 2019. I had surgery by the Chief of Thoracic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital to remove part of two ribs which were impacted by the tumor. All the margins were clear and I didn’t need any chemo or radiation, both of which are not extremely effective for this type of cancer anyway. I am followed with CT scans and bone scans every 6 months and have received good news after each. (Continued . . .

(Cont'd.) . . .

I have been continuing to paint, although not as much as I should since I have so much time at home due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

I continue to take lessons through the Cape Cod Art Center. I love the zoom classes. I don’t have to cart all my supplies to Barnstable. I was in their student show recently and have also had 18 paintings at the Yarmouth Town Hall.

I did get my first Pfizer vaccine on Feb. 6 and hope others have had the same opportunity. I know getting an appointment on Cape Cod has been difficult.


"Sunset at Gray's Beach",

West Yarmouth

It is 14x18 and done in oil. 

 "I just know everyday is special and no one knows what is around the corner, so get up, put one foot in front of the other and move on.

You can quote that! "

Blessings, Rae

From Our friend,

Lee Nemmers . .

Doing quite well healthwise – check ups every three months  

She is “just chilling in the hood, and enjoying life in  a simple way”.

Sharon Merton Doing Well!

Sharon said,
" I am getting there. . I am having no problem with the cancer. It is gone. I have an appointment with the surgeon in April for a CT scan.
My right hand had teno synovitis (fluid under the skin), that the doctor had to clean out and then one of the tendons I had fixed over a year ago ruptured again . I had to have a tendon restructure. I will be in a splint for 3-4 months longer. I have been in it for 3 weeks already."
Good luck! Thanks for report!

"Birthday Bouquet" done in acrylic and is 16 X 20"

And Now, More Good News From

YAG Artists on Display. . .

News from


"Casting Into the Light,"

by Leslie Altman

Won an Honorable Mention for the Art Center student exhibit in January.

Wintertime ..... you just might have time

to explore something new


 "I have dabbled with digital drawing programs before from time to time. I’ve done some freehand drawing and also colorized some of my photos to get interesting effects. 

And, Ellie Freedman is always looking for something new!

From Nadine Bressy

South of France...

This is the last painting I did.

It is called

"The Chain of Love".

These are difficult times we all go through and we need to send Love and Light around us... this is why I used gold.

In fact, I think that I am going to create more paintings with

a golden background... Nad

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