February 2, 2017  

World Cancer Day is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of ACGT's mission - to make cancer a manageable disease - so patients can live longer, better lives. We all have been touched by cancer in some way. On February 4th, support the research  paving the way to revolutionary treatments. Research is the answer to cancer - read more in our most recent blog post.

ACGT has awarded two young investigator grants to assistant professors breaking new ground in the treatment of cancer: Dr. Marco Gallo, University of Calgary and Dr. Greg Michael Delgoffe, University of Pittsburgh. The ACGT Fund for Discovery awards up to $250,000 over two - three years per grant to tenure-track professors working in dedicated research institutes and has conferred $14.0 million to Young Investigators, since the first grant cycle in 2002.
Dr. Delgoffe will be profiled in the next edition of our newsletter.


Dr. Gallo's research focuses on the cellular anomalies in brain tumors, with a special emphasis on glioblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor in adults with a survival rate of only 13 months.  Dr.Gallo's team has learned that cancer stem cells have regions of highly compacted DNA caused by low levels of a specific protein. His research is designed to introduce an alternative protein into the DNA architecture, which can be directed to any site in the human genome and used to unravel the cancer. Pre-clinical studies will permit an analysis of both immediate efficacy and lasting affect.
Dr. Gallo earned a PhD in medical genetics at the University of British Columbia and a BS in molecular biology and biochemistry at Simon Fraser University, both in Canada. He has published six primary authorship papers since starting his post-doctoral fellowship in 2010. He joins a prestigious roster of ACGT Fellows.

"In essence, our technology will enable us to perform a new kind of gene therapy, by directly targeting DNA structure, which is the ultimate determinant of cancer stem cell behavior."   
Dr. Marco Gallo, ACGT 2017 Young Investigator

ACGT strives to identify leading scientists in North America conducting innovative cell and gene therapy research to combat cancer. 100 percent of your donation to ACGT goes directly toward supporting these research programs . With your help, we are one step closer to making cancer a manageable disease. Thank you for your support. To donate, visit acgtfoundation.org or click HERE .


Join us for the 2017 ACGT Anniversary Gala on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30 PM at The Harvard Club of New York City. Barbara Netter, ACGT Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors and  Co-founder, will present the first Edward Netter Award for Business and Industry to Dr. John Lahey, President, Quinnipiac University. Dr. Lahey embodies the qualities prized by ACGT Co-founder Edward Netter: intellect, creativity, tenacity, curiosity and compassion.
John Lahey, PhD

Dr. Lahey has served on the Board of ACGT since 2004. Upon his arrival at Quinnipiac in March of 1987, Dr. Lahey initiated a strategic planning process that has resulted in the growth of student enrollment from 2,000 to nearly 10,000 students.

Gala speakers also include: ACGT Research Fellow, Dr. Robert Vonderheide , University of Pennsylvania, who will speak on immunotherapy research for solid cancers; and Doug Olson, one of the first three patients treated in the groundbreaking immunotherapy trials developed by ACGT Research Fellow and Scientific Advisory Council Member Dr. Carl June.  
Join us to celebrate progress and meet the amazing scientists using cell and gene therapy treatments for cancer. Contact Barbara Gallagher , National Director of Philanthropy, for information about sponsorship and tickets.  

ACGT is the only non-profit organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to funding  cell and gene therapies for cancer. Since its founding in 2001, ACGT has awarded  52 gr ants totaling over $26 million in North America, and continues to be a catalyst for cell and gene therapy research.
100% of all donations are used to support ACGT research grants and studies in cell and gene therapies for cancer.

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