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December 2018
Black History Month Planning in the Works

Black history month planning is off to a great start! Meetings with teachers and staff, AAPN, and District Officials have been happening weekly. Teran Peterson, the Chair of AAPN says, "Our goal is to take what worked well last year and expand on it. We want to impact as many children as possible and focus on Black Excellence while breaking stereo-types". Some things to look forward to include: the return of Soul Food Night, a panel of speakers coming to CHUMS, PPA, and the High School, and movie nights. Some new additions include: Spoken word night, Black history Trivia Bowl, and a district wide virtual Sunday night book reading. We are so excited for February to get here!

Hip Hop Architect Michael Ford visits the High School in Feb, 2018 as a part of Black History Month events.

Act of Kindness and Compassion

After a recent Active Threat Drill, Officer Tommy Foy stopped into Ms. Roltgen's classroom at Bird Elementary to see how the class was feeling. Many students expressed concern and Officer Tommy reassured them that it was a practice and he was there to make everyone feel safe. Before he left, many students wanted to give Officer Tommy a high five and a hug. He could barely leave since everyone loves seeing him in the classroom! Officer Tommy told everyone to "bring it in". All hands went in the middle of the circle on top of his. He said on three we say school. " 1, 2, 3 School!" Ms. Roltgen wants to thank Officer Foy for helping reassure her kiddos that we are all here together to make everyone as safe as possible.

Our AVID students have been working hard in the classroom and that work has paid off! The college acceptance letters are coming in and we are so proud of the students and the staff that support them.

Akilah was accepted to her first choice college - Georgia State University
Ariana was accepted to Marquette University

Patrick Marsh Starts Black Student Union

We are excited that Patrick Marsh has started a Black Student Union this year. With the assistance of staff members Amy Schernecker, David Mitchell and Lisa Goldsberry and parent Teran Peterson, about 30 kids come every other Wednesday to meet. They are looking forward  to participating in Patrick Marsh Health Night on January 16th and performing a step routine. This past week they sang holiday music to teachers and passed out candy canes. It will be great to see all of the great things that this group accomplishes throughout the year.

JusTme Finishes Nine Weeks in our District

JusTme , the guest presenter on mindfulness through hip-hop,  has completed his tour of one week of residency at each of our nine elementary schools and will be back to spend a week at Prairie View and Patrick Marsh middle schools in February.  This important work is made possible through a generous donation of $50,000 from the Sun Prairie Education Foundation. Pictured below, a group of students, volunteers and district staff pose with JusTme after Homework Club.

Staff Appreciation at the Boys JV/Varsity Hockey Game

Staff members Mr. McKinney (left) and Mr. Turrubiartes (right) were recently recognized at a high school hockey game for staff appreciation. Each Hockey player selected a staff member that they wanted to recognize during the game. The player and the staff member walked across the ice together after the first period of the game.

An Hour of Code

Our High School Computer S cience students, teachers, parents in various Computer   Science professions and Google employees from Madison volunteered to teach an Hour of Code in our elementary schools for 4th and 5th graders over the last few weeks.  An Hour of Code focuses on  computer science skills. 

Curt Mould, the Director of Digital Media, Innovation, and Strategy says, "Sun Prairie schools has committed to rapidly expanding our computer science opportunities and pathways for students. Computer sciences are an exciting, important, and viable career. Because of much of what we interact with on a day to day basis is influenced or created through computer science, we want to make sure that our students have as many opportunities to learn and grow their skills in this exciting field. Giving elementary age students the opportunity to interact with professionals in this high performing industry in addition to high school mentors and staff, is an incredible opportunity."

Ask your students what they learned during their Hour of Code.
Curtrell is Back

We are excited that Curtrell Robinson (front, left) is back working in our district! Curtrell is a Youth Advocate at Cardinal Heights and is a champion for student success. 

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