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March 2019
Sun Prairie Celebrated Black History Month - February 2019

The Sun Prairie Area School District, in collaboration with the African American Parent Network, planned a district wide collaborative effort to celebrate Black History Month. There were events scheduled throughout the month of February to reflect, recognize, and honor the invaluable contributions made by African-Americans in our country. Some of these events included movie nights, assemblies, Read Your Heart Out, Soul Food Night, and more.

Black History Month Door Decorations throughout the District

Black History Month Highlights

Spoken Word Event at 
Beans n Cream Bakehouse
 Patrick Marsh Black History Month Bee Winner
Soul Food Night Event at the High School
Westside Elementary students collected Black History Month trading cards
JusTme spent a week at both Middle Schools 
Click  HERE to listen to the Homeroom Radio Show ft. JusTme
7th graders taught 4th & 5th graders about untold stories of Black History
Annual Read Your Heart Out Event

Westside and Northside Elementary Schools hosted their annual Read Your Heart Out event on February 14th and 15th. Throughout the morning, community and family members were invited to read books about Black History in each of the classrooms. The schools provided many books, allowing the volunteers to pick a book that interested them the most.

The Read Your Heart Out event was created by Michelle Belnavis back in 2004 to celebrate National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID). Westside has been hosting Read Your Heart Out for the last 5 years, and this year will be Northside's 2nd year. This event is a special way to celebrate the students' culture through the love of reading, while also bringing the community together!

Lt. Governor Visited Meadow View Elementary School

Mandela Barnes, the first African-American lieutenant governor in Wisconsin, paid a visit to Meadow View Elementary School's 3rd, 4th and 5th graders on Wednesday, February 6th. He spoke to the students about what inspired him, what it is like to be in the role of Lt. Governor and answered any questions the students had for him. Thank you to all of the Meadow View staff involved in organizing his visit to the school in honor of Black History Month!

Lamorris Crawford, NFL Chaplain, Visted SPHS

In honor of Black History Month, the Sun Prairie Education Foundation and Findoff sponsored NFL Chaplain, Lamoriss Crawford, to come speak to SPHS students about his life journey.  Lamorris brought a positive energy to the school, as he spoke about how he grew up without parents in poverty and a city of violence, yet he found his way through that to become a successful speaker and motivator.  His story was powerful to the students, and he challenged them to better themselves in their friendships, their education, and in their life.  We are thankful to have had Lamorris visit our school to show our kids that no matter what life brings, you are the determining factor of your success.

Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Young Person Breakfast

The Urban League of Greater Madison and King Coalition hosted the 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Young Person Breakfast on January 20th at Edgewood High School.  This breakfast celebrated academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, and service to the community.  We had a number of students who received an award during this breakfast.  

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded:

Prairie View Middle School
Musa Kolly, Pearlie Lewko Rogers, Arrianna Goodall, Kamaya Sims

Patrick March Middle School
Rahmiya Davis, Justin Jenkins, Srinidhi Marriada, Pragna Vella

Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School
Moussa Diallo, Malaki Dohm, Lyric Eveans, Marie Outlay, Amariah Williams

Prairie Phoenix Acadamy 
Avente Gordon, Trinity Johnson-Felton, Tamia Kyles, Janelle Lawrence, Ta'Shon Mitchell, Heather Tepepa

Sun Prairie High School
Mauriana Barksdale, Saumya Shukla, Jamal Stone, Laurensia Tedjakusuma, Alma-Aliya Tolson, Aisha Tunkara, Akilah Wallac

School Board Meeting on February 11th
Recognizing the students who received awards at the MLK Breakfast.
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

"If you can't fly, 
then run. 
If you can't run, 
then walk. 
If you can't walk, 
then crawl. 
But by all means, 
keep moving.
"  -Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Service Day

The MLK Service Day field trip gave students an opportunity to participate in workshops about poetry, volunteerism, and the impact of music during the civil rights movement & analyzing modern music. They then recreated the "freedom march" with signs they made, and finished the day at the Overture Center by participating in a sing-in with other community members.

Silent Freedom March and Assembly

Prairie View Middle School  students participated in a silent freedom march followed by an assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr. that featured a video made by students and staff. 

Prairie View Middle School's Silent Freedom March
Prairie View's Silent Freedom March
PVMS MLK Video made by Students & Staff

Spreading Kindness Throughout the District!

4th grade students throughout the district participated in Kindness Retreats.  These are one-day retreats to reinforce kindness and combat bullying. We are thankful to the Rotary Club and many kind donors and volunteers that help make these possible each year. Over 5,000 Sun Prairie students have attended a Kindness Retreat.

Sun Prairie B.E.A.M Awards

The Sun Prairie B.E.A.M (Black Excellence Achievement Makers) Awards will honor and recognize our students who are making achievements in multiple ways. This event invites Sun Prairie School District staff, students, families and the community as a whole to embrace our children of color, specifically our Black children. Be a part of the telling of this positive story of our racially diverse schools and community, so we can counter the negative behaviors or attitudes often assigned  to our Black students. Recipients of these awards will be nominated based on the following categories: Models Excellence in Academics, Models Excellence in Teamwork, Models Excellence in Responsibility, Extraordinary Growth. 

The first ever B.E.A.M Awards event will be on Sunday, April 28th starting at 2:00pm at the Sun Prairie Performing Arts Center in the Sun Prairie High School.

Did You Know?

Sun Prairie School District has a 4K program? Any child who is 4  years old
 by September 1, 2019 can register for the 2019-20 school year. Click here to visi t the 4K website, go to '4K Enrollment' and register your child today! 

Sun Prairie Schools has an Instagram?  Follow our Instagram page for another way to stay connected to what is happening around the district. @SunPrairieSchoolDistrict

Vote April 2nd!

Make sure that you are an informed voter on April 2nd. In addition to voting for school board candidates, there will be two questions on the ballot. Major components of the referendum include:
  • Build and operate a second high school (would open in fall 2022)
  • Reconfigure Cardinal Heights (CHUMS) to serve as a third middle school (grades 6-8), relocate Prairie Phoenix Academy to a separate space at the current CHUMS building, minimal updates to the other secondary schools
  • Build a new multi-purpose stadium at the Ashley Field site for use by both high schools
  • Help align teacher compensation closer to Dane County rates
Learn more by visiting the website or by attending the Open House on March 13th between 6:30-8:00pm at Meadow View Elementary School. 

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