EveryBODY Needs to be Kneaded.

Yes, indeedy, everyBODY needs to be kneaded.  And furthermore, remaining true to the bakery theme of this newsletter, we'd also like to mention that our massages are cheaper by the dozen - just like donuts, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls...  Are you getting hungry yet?!  

In fact, our pre-paid massage packages are titled accordingly:

The "Baker's Dozen" Package provides you with 13 hours' worth of our therapeutic services for $940 and our "Half Dozen" Package provides 6 hours' worth of our therapeutic services for $540.  

Not only do these packages offer a significant discount, but they also provide tremendous flexibility.

You may use the time however you see fit, at whatever pace you see fit.  These are NOT "use it or lose it" plans; we do NOT dictate the frequency with which you use your time, and you may use any increment of time when you come in (30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes).  

Your time may be used for any of our services, too.  (Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cold Laser, Endermotherapy, DMS, Kinesio Taping, Shane's Flexibility Therapy, or Susan's Cosmopolitan Facial Massage).  (The only exception is our Endermologie anti-cellulite treatment, the regimented protocol for which requires that it be offered as part of its own unique package.) 

You are also welcome to share your package time with whomever you choose.  (Mother's Day is right around the corner, folks!)  You can either arrange to have a friend or family member come in to use some of your package time, or we will also be happy to issue a lovely gift certificate that you can present to the lucky person.

We have many families come in to see us on a regular basis, and Mom, Dad, and the kids are all able to use time from the same package.  

So, why not consider purchasing one of our money-saving pre-paid packages?  You'll certainly save a lotta' dough!  ...Oops, there we go again.  

~Susan & Shane   

WIN a Fantabulous Basket Full of Goodies for MOM!
Momalicious Goodies Valued at over $550!
Moms are the best.  They do so much for us.  And no matter what we do for them, we never feel as though it's quite enough to repay their awesome Momness.  But that's no reason to quit trying.
To celebrate Mother's Day and the awesomeness of Moms everywhere, we've put a fun prize basket together this month that's full of Mom-worthy goodies, and you could be presenting it to your own dear Mama, if you play your cards right.
Read on to learn about the contents of the prize basket, as well as how to be entered into this drawing.  
This lovely cache of treats for Mom includes:
Music for Mama
Volume 1, Love Songs
Volume 2, People & Places
Volume 3, States of Being
Volume 4, Songs of Family
Look Marvelous Miracles for Mama
* A full size bottle of anti-aging night cream Nerium AD, the premier product in Nerium International's skin care line.
Nerium International Logo  
 * A gift certificate for Susan's "Cosmopolitan" Facial Cupping Massage

* A gift certificate for a medical microdermabrasion treatment with Dr. Shirat Ling of Innate Beauty Medical Rejuvenation Center
A Masterpiece for Mama
* A gorgeous handmade apron from "Cavegirl Couture"
Cavegirl Couture Aprons  
More Miscellaneous Morsels for Mama
* A $50 gift certificate for nibbles & sips at Cenote Cafe.  (Which boasts some fantastic gluten-free baked goods, in accordance with the bakery theme of our newsletter.)
Cenote on East Cesar Chavez  
* PLUS All manner of other little treats, goodies, and other treasures will be thrown into the mix for good measure, including tidbits from Brilliant Imports, Burt's Bees, Bath & Body Works, and more!  
All in all, the contents of this treasure chest of Momalicious goodies are valued at over $550!
 Ways to qualify for this drawing include:
* Purchase a Baker's Dozen Package by Saturday, May 4.
* Purchase an Endermologie Package by Saturday, May 4.
* Schedule a Nerium Real Results Party by Saturday, May 4. (E-mail Susan to discuss this option.) 
So, pick your entry method, cross your fingers, and prepare to present Mom with this basket full of fun & fabulous treats!  (It'll be wrapped up real purdy, we promise!)
The drawing will take place on Sunday, May 5, and the winner will notified immediately thereafter.  The basket can then be picked up by the winner for delivery to Mom by Mother's Day (Sunday, May 12)!  

No Taxation

without Relaxation!



It's no coincidence that April is not only tax month, but also "Stress Awareness Month."

Personally, we've always suspected that "I.R.S." actually stands for "Infinitely Relentless Stress."

But, of course, massage is a great way to combat the anxiety associated with tax time.  A visit to our tables is bound to to depreciate your stress, deduct your knots, and even file an automatic extension for that blissed-out, I-just-spent-an-hour-in-my-happy-place, post-massage feeling.

And the cost of your massages *may* even be a tax-deductible expense.  Read on for the answers to a few tax time massage questions...


Q:  Can I still use my 2012 FSA (Flexible Savings Account) funds to pay for massage sessions prior to April 15 of this year?   


A:  Maybe.  For more information on using your FSA funds to pay for massage, please refer to this article on our website


Q: Can I deduct the cost of my 2012 massage therapy sessions as a medical expense on my taxes? 


A: Again, maybe.  For information regarding deducting your massage therapy expenses on your taxes, check out this article on eHow.com.  And if you need receipts for your 2012 massage therapy session payments, please let us know & we'll be happy to oblige. 


However, as both these articles emphasize, be sure to check with your FSA plan administrator and / or authorized tax professional to ensure that these charges and / or deductions are authorized in your case.


Garden Variety Aches & Pains...





Over the course of the past several weeks, we've already had folks coming into the clinic with gardening & yard work injuries. 


And while we're not going to give you permission to toss your "Honey Do" list into the compost, we will give you a few tips on how to avoid some of the most common springtime muscular injuries that we see. 


And, as always, if (despite these words of warning), your "green thumb" brings about a "red alert," don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail, give us a call, and / or schedule an appointment.  We'll do our best to "nip it in the bud" before your pain is able to "take root."


Read on to learn about some common ways that folks can sustain injuries while communing with nature in the garden... 

Be Well & Keep in Touch,

Susan & Shane Epperly, LMTs  


Susan & Shane Epperly,


Licensed Massage Therapy Instructors,

Licensed Massage Therapists 

in Private Practice

Specializing in Pain Relief

Through Clinical Massage Therapy




Book Now. 



 (512) 809-6708



All written content herein 

copyright 2013 Susan Epperly

APRIL      2013
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Nerium AD:
Real Results

By now, you've surely noticed that we've made a great new anti-aging skin care line available to our clients.  (And maybe you've even noticed the improvements that we've experienced in our own skin!)

Perhaps you've even perused the gallery of before & after photos that shows the phenomenal results that other everyday folks have realized by using it.

Maybe you've been thinking of trying it, but just haven't taken the plunge yet.

Well, let us offer up a few tidbits that may help you decide to give it a go.

Share it with Three & Yours is FREE!
When you sign up as a Preferred Customer and have Nerium's premier product, Nerium AD, delivered to you each month, you will have the opportunity to participate in the "3 UR FREE" Program.
When three of your friends sign up to also become Preferred Customers through your online portal, your product will be free the following month!  (And every month for as long as any three of your friends are enrolled.)
Sharing Nerium with other folks is always easy, and one fun & easy way to enroll your three friends (thereby making your subscription free) is to host a Real Results Party.  Ask us how. 
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Trying this product is truly a risk-free endeavor thanks to Nerium's 30 day money-back guarantee.  Try it, and if you don't like, simply take advantage of this guarantee.
Remember: Giving it a Try can Qualify You for our Mother's Day Prize Basket!
Ways to be entered into the drawing for our super Mother's Day prize basket include becoming a Preferred Customer; enrolling as a Brand Partner; and hosting a Real Results Party.  Look over here for more details.
The fine print:  Advertised prices are the actual prices.  Offers are valid while supplies last.  Supplies will last a long time (we never run out of massages).  All offers are subject to you actually coming into our clinic for a massage.  We reserve the right to make every client blissfully relaxed and ridiculously happy.  It is against our company policy to confuse and irritate our clients by attempting to upsell them with a laundry list of "add on" services.  We will not be held responsible for wrinkles caused by smiling (or laying in the face cradle).  We will not be held responsible for any possible embarrassment associated with drooling, snoring, or proceeding with the rest of one's day with mussed up hair, a rosy glow, or other telltale aspects of that "freshly massaged" look.  No shoes, no shirt, no problem.  Massages may not be returned, but most of our clients can't wait to return to our tables!