Everybody Loves a Winner

This is for the quiet, brave survivors whom Voluntad works with every day. 

  • They aren’t among the few who have been lucky enough to create a life and a living in the movement.
  • They haven’t written books or appeared in videos.
  • There are no movies about their stories.
  • They aren’t guest speakers at fundraising events.
  • They haven’t been on any national panels, or been keynote speakers at conferences.
  • No one flies them to another state for events.
  • No one really sees them. 

Every day they do their best to show up in their lives.

  • To find work that will pay for food and a roof over their heads.
  • To stay away from the family members that are dangerous.
  • To stay away from the “friends” who will sell them out in a heartbeat.
  • To manage their nightmares and the constant fear that someone is looking for them.
  • To figure out where to go when that someone finds them. 

They put in the time, day after day, to move away from the past and toward a future without fear or shame, a future that can hold their hopes and dreams.

A future with dignity and safety. 

They really don’t care about being famous, celebrated, or honored because they were trafficked. 

They just want a chance at a better life. 

This season, will you think about who's really a winner?

I see them

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