September 2018
Photos of the Month
Photos: (Left) Recent heavy rainfalls overwhelmed the City of Hoboken's combined sewer systems, causing flooding. (Right) After the waters subsided, untreated sludge from the sewer overflows remained on sidewalks, among other places. Learn more about what Hoboken is doing to mitigate issues like this. Photo credit : Stephen Marks, business administrator, City of Hoboken and member of the JWW Steering Committee .
The Cost of Inaction
Often overlooked, our water infrastructure isn't noticed until something goes wrong. This section highlights the everyday consequences of not investing in New Jersey's water systems.


 Jersey Water Works Updates

Keynote Announced! Annual JWW Conference, Dec. 7

Come listen to  Manuel P. Teodoro associate professor and director of policy and politics program at Texas A&M University, articulate a vision for water affordability and how it can be applied here in New Jersey and across the country.

The fourth annual JWW Conference will bring together more than 300 stakeholders to focus on innovative ways to upgrade the state's water infrastructure. Use #njwater18 on social media to spread the word and stay up to date. Sponsorship information here.
Power of Commitments: Announce Your Initiative or Project at the Conference!

Let's put our voices together to show leaders around the state the continued importance of our water infrastructure to our future. Help elevate your work, and the collaborative's work, by announcing a commitment, or a new initiative or project, at the JWW Conference.  
Need an example of the power of commitments? Check out the commitments made last year  by JWW members. Let's see what we can do this year!

Photo: JWW members who make a tier one commitment receive recognition on stage at the annual conference. 
Join Us at an Upcoming Committee Meeting

Now is a great time to become a JWW member and join any of our four committees ! The next round of the collaborative's committee meetings will take place via phone.
  • Asset Management and Finance Committee : Next call Friday, Oct. 12, at 11 am
  • Education and Outreach Committee : Next call Thursday, Oct. 4, at 2 pm
  • Green Infrastructure Committee : Next call Friday, Sept. 28, at 2 pm
  • Combined Sewer Overflow Committee : Next call  Friday, Oct. 5, at 10 am
Questions? Contact Brian Caycho .
New Jersey One Water Award Nominations Due Sept. 30

The New Jersey One Water Awards program shines a spotlight on water infrastructure projects and programs that exemplify the One Water concept: the belief that all water - drinking, storm, and waste - has value that can be unlocked through integrated, inclusive, and innovative management.

Have a project that you want to enter?  Learn more and apply here .

New Water Infrastructure Infographics for Imagine A Day Without Water

Tuesday, Oct. 10, is Imagine a Day Without Water , a day of action hosted by the Value of Water Campaign that asks Americans and our elected leaders to think about our often-overlooked water systems.
Getting involved is easy:  The  2018 JWW social media toolkit  has infographics formatted for you to use on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Schedule your posts today!  Contact  Brian Caycho  with ideas for further action.

Water Infrastructure at the Local, State, and Federal Levels

Local Governments and Utility Authorities, What Are the Pinelands Region's Water Infrastructure Needs? 
The Pinelands Commission is soliciting input from local government units and utility authorities regarding planned projects that might qualify for funding through the Pinelands Infrastructure Trust. In late 2018, following the evaluation of local infrastructure needs, the commission will solicit applications for infrastructure projects. Available funding is estimated to be approximately $15 million.

Proposed Amendments for the Drinking Water SRF Intended Use Plan 
As a result of the success of the DWSRF program, the NJ Water Bank has funded a record number of projects. To accommodate the maximum number of these projects, and comply with the federal requirements, DEP is proposing a number of amendments. Information here on public hearings and submitting comments .
New Jersey Water Quality Accountability Act 
Regulated entities are required to submit their certification of compliance forms on or before Oct. 19. Applicable purveyors are required to have an Asset Management Plan implemented by April 19, 2019.

America's Water Infrastructure Act
A bicameral, bipartisan agreement on legislation was recently proposed that, among other things, could double allocations for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Allocations. T he bill, dubbed the  America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 , was unanimously passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and must now be approved by the Senate.

Member Highlights

  • Andy Kricun, executive director and chief engineer of the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority and member of the JWW Steering Committee
    (see pp. 12-15), who discusses the public sector as a governance model in the clean water sector.
  • Nathan Gardner-Andrews, chief advocacy officer of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies  (see pp. 56-59), who discusses how the advocacy efforts of some benefit all.
  • Radhika Fox, chief executive officer of the US Water Alliance (see pp. 60-63), who discusses the unifying value of water.

New Jersey Future recently published an article in the Asbury Park Press describing how combined sewer overflows are negatively affecting the tourism economy along the Jersey Shore.
Dan Van Abs, associate professor of practice for water, society, and environment at Rutgers University and member of the JWW Steering Committee  explains to News 12 New Jersey  why NJ towns should start revamping water infrastructure for the future.

American Water announced the recipients of the company's 2018 Environmental Grant Program. American Water has committed $188,000 to support 49 projects throughout their service areas in 11 states, including New Jersey.

Elizabeth Fassman-Beck, associate professor of civil engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology , delivered a talk during the university's first TEDx event. Her talk, " Looking Up the Downspout: Green Infrastructure for Roof Runoff ," focused on solutions to urban flooding.

During its annual conference on Oct. 12, the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey is featuring a workshop session on revitalizing neighborhoods through water infrastructure upgrades . Speakers include:
  • Drew Curtis, member of the JWW steering committee and director of community development and environmental justice at the Ironbound Community Corporation
  • Meishka Mitchell, member of the JWW steering committee and vice president of neighborhood initiatives for Cooper's Ferry Partnership
  • Moriah Kinberg, member of JWW and community outreach manager at New Jersey Future
  • Jim Simon, deputy director of community planning and development for Isles, Inc.
Funding Opportunities

Next deadline: Nov. 19
Funds available: Approx. $25,000 per winner

Next deadline: Feb. 4, 2019
Funds available: $1.2 million
Jersey Water Works is a collaborative effort working to transform New Jersey's inadequate water infrastructure through sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways; healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth.
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