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June 2016
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Welcome to summer! Hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and have fun plans for the warmer months to come!

Microsoft is ending its free Windows 10 upgrade program on July 29th, and has become increasingly aggressive about trying to upgrade those of you still on Windows 7 and 8. I've gotten many calls for help from folks who have been upgraded without asking for it, or want to stop the process, so that's the topic of this month's issue.

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p.s. It's that time of year again. Did your college student come home complaining that he or she needs a new computer? Drop their system off with me for a flat-rate clean-up and optimization instead!
HELP! I'm being upgraded to Windows 10!

Microsoft has taken its determination to get everybody onto the Windows 10 platform to a new level - one where people are getting upgraded without their consent. I've seen it happen, I've stopped it from happening, and I've cleaned up after it happens. Here's my take on the situation.
  • Generally, I recommend that anybody with Windows 8, and most people with Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10. The upgrade is only free until July 29th, 2016, so you are running out of time. Although it's certainly better to prepare your system for the upgrade, Microsoft is not always giving people that option. If your upgrade starts on its own, you might be just fine letting it run and accepting the upgrade. I have made MANY one hour service calls to ensure Windows 10 is working properly and tweaked the way my clients prefer. If you are unexpectedly upgraded to Windows 10 and want me to do that for you, just give me a call.
  • If you see a pop-up like the one pictured above telling you that your scheduled upgrade is set for a specific time, and you don't want to upgrade then (or ever), don't just click the X on the prompt - that will not cancel the upgrade. If you read the pop-up you will see it gives you the option to change the schedule. When you click on that, you will be given the choice to reschedule for a more convenient time, or to cancel the upgrade.
  • If your upgrade starts on its own and you prefer not to use Windows 10, don't panic and turn your system off. Your best bet is to let the entire process happen, which will take at least an hour, and then decline the terms and conditions for Windows 10. If you do that your system will automatically roll back to your previous operating system.
  • If you really don't ever want Windows 10, you can download a program called GWX Control Panel, which removes the Get Windows 10 Icon and all of its associated files. After the free upgrade period Microsoft will stop nagging you and you can uninstall GWX Control Panel. I've installed this on some systems I think just aren't capable of running Windows 10.
Most Windows 10 upgrades happen smoothly, with few problems. However, I have seen several with issues that need to be fixed. Here are some signs that your upgrade has gone wrong:
  • Your icons and documents are missing. I have seen some Windows 10 upgrades load with a temporary profile. Don't worry, your files and software are all safe, however your system will need a major repair.
  • The Start Menu or Search Box aren't working. This is the most common problem I see with Windows 10 upgrades, usually caused by a conflict with your antivirus program. 
  • Your system restarts with a blank screen with a white cursor. This is what can happen if you restart the computer during the upgrade. I will need to use separate upgrade media to roll the system back and redo the upgrade properly.
If your Windows 10 upgrade shows any of the issues above, you should drop your system off with me for a flat rate repair.  

Don't forget, I am still offering my Windows 10 Upgrade Special. For a flat rate of $100.00, I will back up your system, install Windows 10, make sure everything works properly, and customize and tweak it to ensure your Windows 10 experience is a good one. This is done as a drop off service and typically has a 24 hour turnaround. If you want me to handle your Windows 10 upgrade just give me a call!