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November 2015
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November already! I hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful fall weather, however the time change is a bit disconcerting. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone!

I've continued to field a lot of questions about Windows 10, and have stepped up the pace of Windows 10 upgrades. When I upgrade a system I also tweak it to ease the transition, which seems to be popular with my clients. I've detailed several of my tweaks in this months main article. Don't forget, I am still offering a special price of $100.00 for drop-off Windows 10 upgrades, which includes all of this customization!

Every week or so I post articles I think you will find helpful on my Facebook page. For those of you who don't use Facebook I'm including a round-up of some of the more interesting articles from the last few months. Hope you find them useful.

Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving!

Julie Marto 

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P.S. With the holidays coming don't hesitate to contact me if you want some tech purchasing advice! 
Windows 10 Tweaks

The other day I got a very nice email from a client who had special ordered her new computer with Windows 7 instead of Windows 10. I basically convinced her to let me upgrade her to Windows 10 while I did her data transfer. Here's an excerpt from her note: 

"I wanted to let you know I love Windows 10 and am so glad you talked me into upgrading. I had heard from so many people that I should stay with Windows 7 because 10 is different.  You even said there is a little learning curve but it was worth it.  So far I have not had a learning curve to deal with at all. Some of the extra features are so great! . . . I just thought you should know because so many people are running around saying stay with 7."  

One of the reasons she found Windows 10 easy to use is because of the way I tweak it, so in this article I will share some of these tweaks. Because some of the instructions are pretty involved, I am just going to tell you the benefit and then give you a link to the details. Here goes!
  • Windows 10 brought back the much-missed start menu, with extras, including a lot of useful "live tiles". However, sometimes those live tiles can take a while to load, so you can speed up the start menu by making a simple tweak to your system's animation settings.
  • Windows 10 gives you all sorts of notifications in the lower right hand corner, similar to those you get on your phone. They can be useful, but also some can be annoying, especially the ones that are basically advertisements for Microsoft. Eliminate excessive notifications by customizing which apps can notify you and when.
  • The new Edge browser is fast and elegant, but, as of right now, it doesn't always work well with a lot of websites. My approach is to make any browser other than Edge your default browser. While I'm doing that I also change a few other default apps to the older Windows 7 standards.

These are just some of the tweaks I do for every system I upgrade, and I have yet to have someone complain that Windows 10 is difficult to use. Hope this article helps you if you upgraded yourself, or have purchased a new system with Windows 10.
Facebook Roundup

I post articles that I find interesting or useful a few times a month on my Facebook page, but I know many of you are not Facebook users. Here are some of the articles I recently posted:
  • For parents of slightly older children, here's a wonderful app that allows a friend to digitally accompany a college student or young adult walking home alone late at night. maybe from a campus party or a late-night job. This app, which uses the phone's GPS and will alert the companion if the walker veers from her planned route, is great for your peace of mind!