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How to discover the REAL Cost of Document Errors
When we ask print/mail service providers about the cost of documents that are missing items, contain mismatched contents, or become damaged during production, the most common reply is "We really don't know". The next most popular answer is an estimate of paper, envelope, and ink expenses. Neither of these responses is especially useful for evaluating the return on a possible investment in document integrity systems. Over time, we've discovered the actual cost of damaged or poorly assembled documents is much higher than everyone thinks.
The effect of documents that failed to do their job because they were delivered late (or never!), or contained materials meant for someone other than the recipient, depends on the kind of documents they are. To appreciate the consequences of document production problems one must consider the value of the documents to service provider customers, the measures service providers take to repair the damage, the cost of lost productivity while dealing with errors, and more.
We've created a calculator to help service providers get a handle on the actual costs associated with document production problems. After entering some details about their own operation the calculator computes the impact of the errors on the service providers and their customers.
Our error cost calculator is available online now. Use THIS LINK to see the results.
Inserting Error Cost Calculator Button
You will be surprised at the financial impact as you enter your numbers.
Next month we'll be detailing the ramifications of document production problems - the reasoning behind the calculations. If you know anyone who should be getting this information, use the button below to forward this newsletter. We will be sure to include them as we present information every document services provider should know about document integrity.

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