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(Little did we know...)
When I heard how dangerous it was to be at the gate these days because of revolutionary disturbances
and how many evil people have a hatred for convents,
I went in and had a talk with the Lord
and asked Him to so arrange it
that no evil person would dare come to the gate.
Then I heard these words:
" My daughter, the moment you went to the gate
I set a Cherub over it to guard it.
Be at peace. "
After returning from my conversation with the Lord,
I saw a little white cloud and, in it,
a Cherub with his hands joined.
His gaze was like lightning,
and I understood how the fire of God's love burns in that look….


From Divine Mercy in My Soul: the Diary of St. Faustina
One Good Thing Can Lead to Another
Dennis Hanks ( 3rd from right) and Douglas Miller (r) present check to MDM

These are days when it can seem that no good deed goes unpunished. But we have proof that good things do still happen.

Last week Miller & Miller Insurance of New Braunfels presented the Mission with a $1000 check. We were very grateful. But the story doesn't end there. Another person, the winner of a Miller & Miller grand prize drawing, heard about the check and wanted to give $500 from their prize to the Mission, anonymously.

It was a good week!
Still Making Straight
the Way of the Lord
We are almost there, Lord.
Just a few more short stretches of road.
You are welcome to visit anytime, Lord.
for Fr. John Mary

Friday Mass - 8:30 AM

Saturday Mass - 5:30 PM
Confession - Saturday, 4:30 PM

Fr. John Mary's Homily for Jan. 20


Encounter With Jesus
Jan 24-27 Men - Spanish (Canceled)
Feb. 7-10 Women - English (full)*
Feb. 21-24 Women - Spanish
Mar. 7-10 Men - English
Mar. 21-24 Women - English

May 23-26 Women - Spanish
Jun. 6-9 Men - English

Cor Jesu Retreat
May 10-12 Women
June 21-23 Men

* If a retreat is currently full, please put your name on the waiting list. There are always last-minute cancellations .

In response to requests that we make giving to the Mission easier for people who don't carry cash, we have initiated a new credit card kiosk. It is located at the foot of road to the Chapel.
All donations, large or small are appreciated and put to immediate good use!

The Mission depends entirely on donations in order to carry out our ministry. We do not receive financial support from the Archdiocese.
Please pray to see if God wants you to help support His Mission of Divine Mercy.

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