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May 14
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May 26
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Polly's Pick :
Sizzle N' Heat Bird Seed

NEW Sizzle N' Heat bird seed by Wild Delight has arrived in store. The added spicy flavor of chili peppers deters squirrels and other pesky rodents, but is undetected by birds. That means your song birds will enjoy this seed and nothing will be wasted on other animals. Come grab a bag today...your birds will thank you! 
Snake Away

There is a really good saying that only dead snakes are good snakes.  However, as much as I do not like snakes, I concede, not all snakes need to be sent to their maker.  As many of the slithering creatures as are poisonous, there are countless other that are perfectly harmless ...


First let us say thank you to all that attended the Garden Workshop last month. Even with the threat of storms, we had over 50 folks show up. It's always a good thing when we have to add more tables and chairs to the room! Special thanks to our speaker, Noble Matlock from Fertil-Lome. 

Horse owners, we have a special treat for you! We're hosting a Horse Owners Workshop on Thursday, May 26, 6:30pm with guest speaker, Scott Campbell, Equine Specialist from Purina Animal Nutrition. RSVP and read more below.

Trent Baudoin sent us a few pictures over the weekend. His 9 year old daughter Shelby caught her very 1st fish in their pond! Trent feeds his pond fish Purina AquaMax from Eagle Hardware. Thanks for your kind words Trent and for sharing these pics.

It's that time of year again, "Sno Cone Season" has arrived at Eagle Hardware. Many have asked already! We'll have Sno Cones set up every Saturday until school is out, and then every day through Labor Day. Stop in and try one of our new flavors!

We appreciate your business.  See you soon!
Shawn Risinger
Eagle Hardware 
Farm and Ranch 
Advice from an Aggie: Potty Talk

At the onset, I must apologize.  There is no doubt I will offend you this month.  In fact, were my mother still with us, I'm sure she'd want to wash my mouth out with soap.  Or since this is in print, make me scrub my fingers extra hard.  See, she did that every time she caught us using "potty" language.  Though I never possessed a sailor's mouth, there were always a few forbidden words that would slip out for which we'd have to eat soap.  (Huh, I guess she'd be in trouble if she did that these days.  Wait, that's another blog...) This month's blog topic is nothing but pure potty talk.  Though you won't find me picking a side, I do ponder these things.  So please forgive me but do, read on.  Though I pride myself in extra clean bathrooms, as of recent, there has been much more to say about public restrooms than the quality of toilet paper or its cleanliness.  Yes, the bathroom at Eagle Hardware stays clean.  That is a must.  There is nothing worse than using a dirty restroom  ...

May Featured Items of the Week
Every week in May, we highlight one of our favorite products at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch!  Each featured product is something you may need now as springtime pests and weeds appear, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!  Here are our Featured Items of the Week for May:  May 2 - Citrine Plus- This Week's Featured Item of the Week is actually one of our fastest moving products this spring.  Citrine Plus is a multi-species pond algaecide that works quick and effective.  With all the rain, ponds are full.  Will full ponds and the warming of longer days, algae is sure to wreck havoc on area ponds.  Waiting too long runs the risk of starving the fish of their much needed Oxygen.  Need help determining how big your pond is and treatment amounts?  Stop by and we can help.  See you soon.  May 9 - Mosquito Beater - As we thank the man upstairs  ...
Horse Owners Workshop :: May 26 :: 6:30pm
We've had lots and lots of requests for this next workshop. Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch will host a Horse Owners Workshop  on Thursday evening, May 26 at 6:30pm.  Please join us as we have a special guest speaker, Scott Campbell, Equine Specialist from Purina Animal Nutrition. There will be coupons, giveaways, and of course door prizes! Free dinner catered by Richards Smokehouse is included, so please RSVP using the form below, by calling the store at 972-635-7878 or by letting us know on your next visit.

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