Issue 7.05
January 29, 2021
Road to Recovery Plan
The Delaware State Chamber and Delaware Business Roundtable shared in a joint letter to Governor Carney policy priorities we believe will help Delaware employers and, by logical extension, their employees, realize a successful future.

In Road to Recovery: Putting Delawareans Back to Work, the following areas demand the focused attention of our Governor and members of the General Assembly:

  1. Invest in Delaware workers and families
  2. Attract and maintain jobs for Delawareans
  3. Protect Delaware’s natural spaces and create jobs by redeveloping abandoned sites
  4. Take bold steps to establish education equity and opportunity
Most importantly, the DBRT and DSCC believe the hallmark of Delaware’s journey on the Road to Recovery must be collaboration and cooperation – between Democrats and Republicans, between upstate and downstate, between the public and private sectors. There’s never been another time in Delaware’s history where such a heightened level of collaboration and cooperation were required to meet a challenge. Just as this crisis isn’t “business as usual” for Delawareans, it can’t be “politics as usual” for our elected leaders. Read the full statement >
Join Us for Our Next Webinar:
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

With COVID-19 vaccines now available, many questions are arising around the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, the differences among the options, continued testing, and when and how to get the vaccine. Janice Nevin, M.D., MPH, president and CEO of ChristianaCare will moderate this webinar to provide answers around:

  1. The different vaccines available and their safety, and highlight additional vaccines on the brink of FDA approval
  2. The State of Delaware’s detailed plan on how the vaccine will be distributed and how employers can help
  3. Walgreens’ vaccination role through its 60 locations throughout Delaware

Panelists joining Dr. Nevin are:
  • Dr. Michael Ybarra, Vice President of Medical Affairs & Strategic Alliances at PhRMA
  • Karyl Rattay, MD, MS, Director, Delaware Division of Public Health
  • Vincent Madeline, Area Healthcare Supervisor, Walgreens 
Admission is free
Everyone is a part of the
We know that a diverse and inclusive workforce is a strong workforce, and by actively bringing together diverse views, backgrounds, cultures, and talents, we foster an inclusive environment where employees are valued, respected, and empowered to bring their ideas and help drive innovation. Read more >
Diversity & Inclusion with
US Senator Cory Booker

“We are the most diverse nation on this planet,” said U.S. Senator Cory Booker in his keynote address at the 184th Annual Dinner on Monday, January 11. “We have to recognize that everyone has value and something to contribute. We must become a nation that is committed to getting all of our talent on the field.” Senator Booker stressed that a diverse workplace is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing. He also reminded attendees that we must hold ourselves accountable when seeking diverse talent – “if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
Driving Value Beyond the Bottom Line
For those of us in business today, it’s no secret that a more inclusive and diverse workforce produces better results. Numerous studies highlight how companies with greater diversity benefit from higher revenues, higher stock prices, and are more attractive to top talent. At the same time, our country is witnessing a unique moment in time where in less than 10 years there will be more than 800,000 STEM jobs created—positions that cannot be filled without attracting more talent from more populations to STEM. Read more >

Delaware has a vibrant economy with abundant opportunities and growth potential in technology, financial services, healthcare and more. But despite this momentum, we know that many Black and Latinx Delawareans are not sharing in the prosperity. Last year, in a study underwritten by JPMorgan Chase & Co., Prosperity Now released research on the Racial Wealth Divide in Wilmington. It revealed many of the challenges that underserved Delawareans face. Read more >
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